Cult Movies: List View

Presenting our Title View Listing of Cult Films . As films are reviewed, they will be included here for easier reference.

4 Responses to Cult Movies: List View

  1. Toopster1 says:

    I am shocked and surprised that none of the ‘Phantasm’ movies made the list?????

    • Roger says:

      I am surprised that John Carpenter’s The Thing was not included on this list. It was panned by movie critics upon its release in 1982 for its excessive level of gore, but the movie successfully captured the claustrophobic terror and the actors’ put on a pretty convincing performance in mistrust of each other as they all tried to find out who among them was The Thing. One of John Carpenter’s all-time best films, certainly one of Kurt Russell’s greatest performances, and it has established quite the cult following over the years. Please review it for our pleasure!

      • The Thing (1982) is reviewed here
        Though it has not been marked as a cult film to append to this list

    • This is not comprehensive list, it gets fulfilled as reviews are completed. In other words, we have not reviewed every cult film yet.

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