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Submit News to Horrornews.net

How to submit your News to Horrornews.net?

HorrorNews.net has been serving 1000’s of readers daily news and reviews for over 10 years.  During that time, our inbox has been flooded with all sorts of announcements, updates, PR postings and submission requests (so we know there is plenty to announce and go around) Please send your latest news directly to News@horrornews.net


What do you recommend in a press release or what to avoid?

Please do not send 1 sentence PR announcements. Your submissions should be professionally written with any links, photos or video links included in the email.


Does Horrornews.net accept PDF press releases?

Please also note that while .pdf PR’s look nice, they are lousy for copying your PR into our posting que. Often formats and line breaks end up a mess resulting in an “easier to trash this PR, then reformat it for you for publication“. Just a heads up, as Marketers don’t seen to understand, the more basic, the easier for us to include it.


Please send your latest news directly to News@horrornews.net