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Our Place for Horror Funding Campaign Releases!

A 1 stop shop to see what’s going on in the market and who is trying to get their projects off the ground

Ever since kickstarter/funding projects became popular, we have been a go-to site for posting your funding campaigns. However, while we do try and include them in our postings (time permitting), they take lower priority than actual product PR’s and therefore may not make the cut.

We have provided a means for horror funding projects to “jump ahead” under the same conditions as our book review policy. Please read our policy here if that is an option for you

Horror Funding

Funding: The Devil Take You: Anthology of Medieval Horror

The Devil Take You is an anthology of medieval horror comprising 14 tales set in the world Rome left behind. Join us in the plague-infested streets of London and the howling expanse of the Carpathian Steppes. Explore the once-hallowed halls of fortified monasteries and bear witness to the sacrilegious Vikings who would plunder them. From the macabre corpse collectors of …

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Help fund Jared Masters’ terrifying last film ‘The Nightgown’

Canyon Country, California. A myriad of girls descend the brush-filled hills as darkness comes and the cabin is revealed. Three girls from finishing school aren’t oblivious to the evil forces lurking there. They seek thrills and answers from the poor, innocent dead. Hot off the heels of Roller Junkies! (2022),  award-winning filmmaker Jared Masters’ 17th feature will be a cinematic …

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A Spooky Fun Trading Cards Series For Halloween Is Now On Kickstarter

A frightfully new trading card series with a retro feel is seeking support via Kickstarter Mark Spears Art, fresh off being nominated for a Rondo Hatton Horror Award for their previous trading card series ‘Mark Spears Monsters’, the company has now announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its latest retro-style trading cards endeavor. The new collection, titled “Mark Spears …

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The Supernatural Horror feature “The Haunting at Saint Joseph’s” Keeps Rolling on IndieGoGo

an engaged Muslim doctor, her fiancé, and their friends go on a holiday at St. Joseph’s Guesthouse, unaware that it was the site of a sacrifice of an innocent centuries before. They soon come to believe that it’s haunted and causing them to go crazy, as their emotions and desires spiral out of control. A haunting, unsettling, and broadly captivating …

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Horror Funding: Intinction

Filming in Hickory, North Carolina. May 2022 Intinction is a short film to be included in the upcoming Nundead: Cannibals of the Cloth horror anthology from notorious filmmaker presented by notorious filmmaker Donald Farmer (Demon Queen, Cannibal Hookers, Shark Exorcist). Intinction is heavily inspired by gore films such as Burning Moon and the films of Brian Paulin. Heavy, detailed, graphic …

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Horror Funding: Let’s Stop At The Morgue – Graphic Experimental Slasher Film

This experimental slasher film follows Jackie, a morgue worker who hides a dark secret. Being closely followed by a small town detective who believes Jackie is a serial killer, who is responsible for bringing in more bodies. Written, filmed & directed by SamHel, this film is finished and ready for it’s DVD & Blu-ray release being funded currently on indiegogo.

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Creepy Teaser For SHADOWMARSH Released! Lew Temple + Dave Sheridan + Felissa Rose!

Dark Horror Drama ‘ShadowMarsh’ Reunites ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ Actors Lew Temple and Dave Sheridan First Trailer is released along with Finishing Funds campaign on IndieGoGo Heading into its post production finishing funds campaign, the First Teaser Trailer has dropped for this new blend of Horror Drama/Creature carnage. ShadowMarsh brings together Lew Temple (The Walking Dead, The Devil’s Rejects), Dave Sheridan …

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Funding: Jungle Captive #1: a sci-fi story that examines the fragility of the human psyche

Launching this month on Kickstarter is the incredible new title Jungle Captive, the latest creative vision from the twisted mind of writer/artist Gary Parkin. “When Lauren wakes up in a jungle with no idea of how she got there, she has to figure out a number of things, including whether or not she can outrun a dinosaur!” When the coronavirus …

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TATTOO Needs You to Take a Stab at Supporting Indie Horror!

TATTOO is an upcoming full-length horror movie being crowdfunded on Indiegogo right now! The thrilling story follows Perry Morton, a down-on-his-luck working man whose penchant for structure and rigidity is ruining his personal and professional life. So when Perry is gifted a free tattoo by a mysterious tattoo artist, he jumps at the chance to be more spontaneous. But when …

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Critically Acclaimed Horror-Satire Play “Von Bach” Being Turned Into a Graphic Novel Book To Be Financed Through Kickstarter

The Next Arena Theater Company produced Von Bach — a play about an undead monster who sues a movie studio trying to make a horror movie about him. Now, playwright Owen Hammer is adapting the story into a graphic novel. Doctor Heinrich Von Bach was the nineteenth-century scientist resurrected from the dead by his own ungodly invention. Today, a major …

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Shriekshow Funding Page

It’s Halloween and best friends Alex, Riley, Sage and Kyle head to the old abandoned fairgrounds to party. The group find a circus tent and encounter a ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit inside. The showman proceeds to tell the friends three terrifying tales revolving around various items he procured during his travels over the years. Things soon take a …

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Cult Genre Star Bill Oberst Jr. Battles A Giant Creature Of Native Legend In BLOODSPAWN: ATTACK OF UTKENA!!

From CSB Legend LLC comes a groundbreaking new creature feature BLOODSPAWN: ATTACK OF UTKENA! In the untamed Appalachian wilderness of the 1830’s, a small group of misfits find themselves trapped and surrounded by evil ravenous creatures of Native American legend. Written and Directed by Derek S. Campbell and David Rotan. Starring Bill Oberst Jr. with more cast to be announced!

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