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Best Independent Horror Film Studios Worth Your Attention

For several years now, horror films have crowded out comedies, blockbusters, and iconic franchises at the global box office. And nothing can be compared with a good horror movie, raising up your adrenaline more than playing online blackjack with real money. Who is responsible for all our goosebumps? Undoubtedly, we are talking about horror film studios, and some of the …

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Two Storytelling and Thrilling Horror Games that are Worth Playing

While viewing your favourite horror films, you may have overlooked one of the gaming industry’s favourite pastimes: the adaptation of outstanding terrifying films into video games. At some point, every one of these brands has been converted into a video game, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween to Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street and many …

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Best Vampire-Themed Casino Games that Will Give You Chills

They usually hide somewhere in ancient castles and live almost forever, terrifying ordinary people. It’s hard to fight them, so people use wooden stakes, garlic, and silver bullets. As you have already guessed, we are talking about vampires. People have always been fascinated by these creatures. Hollywood studios have taken advantage of this passion, creating numerous hit television shows and …

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Top Horror Themed Slot Games

Slot games for many, many years have always been based around offering entertainment, but most importantly, allowing gamblers to tap into the stories and fiction that they are passionate about. For horror movie fans, slot games based on the most terrifying of stories and movies, actually do exist-but not in large numbers. If you are an avid horror fan and …

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