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The Best Horror-Themed Slot Games

Mankind’s insatiable appetite for the ultimate scare factor conjures up hellish creatures like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. But their fascination with mangled bodies and sleepless nights transcend from the pages of books and screenplays to other forms of entertainment such as slot games. While this may seem unusual at first, players are rewarded with high-definition graphics and the occasional …

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Must-Watch Casino Movies

Casino movies have always been a big, fun part of the fil industry. The thrill of watching someone winning millions and millions of dollars, or pulling some legendary heist in middle of Las Vegas, has always been irreplaceable. The thematic has always been popular and demanded by viewers. From comedy movies like The Hangover, to heists like the Ocean’s franchise, …

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Top 3 Horror-Themed Online Slot Games by Microgaming

Online casino slot games are among the most popular online gaming genres and have countless fans around the globe. One of their biggest advantages, besides offering quick-playing rounds and user-friendly layout that doesn’t require being familiar with detailed instructions or strategies, is their high entertainment factor. Online slot games developers often turn to popular culture and well-established themes in order …

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