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What Do Movie Actors Smoke?

Smoking is a disgusting, terrible habit. There is no reason why you should be smoking. With PSA aside, smoking doesn’t look amazing in movies. But, is burning in film real? TheCaptainCaptain, a Reddit user, asked the Explain Like I’m Five Community this question; “Do movie actors smoke, or is it some form of a trick?” The answer is straightforward. Yes, …

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Top 3 Horror-Themed Online Slot Games by Microgaming

Online casino slot games are among the most popular online gaming genres and have countless fans around the globe. One of their biggest advantages, besides offering quick-playing rounds and user-friendly layout that doesn’t require being familiar with detailed instructions or strategies, is their high entertainment factor. Online slot games developers often turn to popular culture and well-established themes in order …

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Top 10 New Year’s Horror Films

Hankering for some “New Years” themed Horror Films?? Well I’m Here to tell ya, there isn’t much. In fact this might present an opportunity for filmmakers to create a “New Year’s” horror film seeing that they get mentioned “every” year at this time (on lists like this)…just saying. Hey, theme driven horror films can have certain lasting qualities in relation to …

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R.I.P Stan Lee

let’s just get this out of the way right now…. F**K ME!! SON OF A B**CH!! I HATE EVERYONE!!! THE UNIVERSE IS HORRIBLE AND UNFAIR!!! ok now that’s out of the way, let’s talk rationally about the loss of Stan “The Man” Lee, father of the superhero genre and all around hoopy frood. Where does one begin? How many of …

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