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Horror-themed slots from Microgaming

Meta title: TOP-10 Horror-themed slots from Microgaming Meta description: Best spooky games by Microgaming. RTP% | Volatility | Themes | Descriptions | Demo mode links. Horror-themed slots from Microgaming Risking your money gambling is pretty scary. But how would you like to also be spooked by freaky slot themes while taking hair-raising chances? Microgaming is a software provider that truly …

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Modern Horror Films We Aren’t Ashamed Of

Nowadays, cinematography culture plays an important role in human life. A special place is reserved for horror films. Almost every person has a favorite creepy film, movie character, or actor. By the way, many gaming developers create games inspired by iconic horror pictures. For example, among NetEnt casino games checked by a QYTO reviewer, people can find the Creature from …

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Top 5 Best Korean Horror Movies to watch on a First Date

Dating sites make it easy to find a compatible partner, but one of the most difficult things is choosing the right one, especially if you are looking for mature relationships. There are some preconceptions about online dating being the game for a younger audience but in reality, mature individuals are just as likely to be seeking partners on different online …

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Jason Stephenson and NFTS Productions

Jason Stephenson.  NFTS Productions (which stands for “Not for the Squeamish”).  Ever hear of them?  Chances are you probably haven’t … yet.  Stephenson has directed five movies since 2004 and with each movie you can see his confidence and skills grow.  Stephenson lives and makes genre films in Minnesota with, no doubt, a close circle of friends and family who …

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Modern Horror Directors

When you think of a Horror Movie Director you get visions of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Clive Barker and of course Steven Speilberg. Steven Speilberg you might ask? Well some of his more recent movies have been less than horrifying besides for their lack luster content, but he has made some pretty terrifying films to start. His 1975 release of …

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Masking What’s Underneath

Masks are often used during Halloween as part of costumes. We use the opportunity to transform ourselves into something or someone else. Sometimes we like to mask ourselves as a famous actor or person. Other times, we like to delve into our dark side and become some kind of monster. Masks have also been used during rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations …

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The Asian Western

Last week celebrated the American DVD/Blu-ray release of Ji-woon Kim’s The Good, the Bad, the Weird. The film is more or less a remake of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western of a similar name involving three mercenaries in hot pursuit of buried treasure and get caught in the midst of a civil war. Here, it’s 1930s Manchuria and the Imperial Japanese …

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