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5 Hottest Gamers On YouTube

Today’s generation of gamers just eliminated the stereotypes when it comes to playing online games. If before, gamers were viewed as weird and nerdy-looking internet geeks, today, the rise of popular gamers redefined how the internet gaming community is viewing those who they follow. No longer a men’s arena, the openness of the online gaming community to all types of …

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Jason Stephenson and NFTS Productions

Jason Stephenson.  NFTS Productions (which stands for “Not for the Squeamish”).  Ever hear of them?  Chances are you probably haven’t … yet.  Stephenson has directed five movies since 2004 and with each movie you can see his confidence and skills grow.  Stephenson lives and makes genre films in Minnesota with, no doubt, a close circle of friends and family who …

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Modern Horror Directors

When you think of a Horror Movie Director you get visions of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Clive Barker and of course Steven Speilberg. Steven Speilberg you might ask? Well some of his more recent movies have been less than horrifying besides for their lack luster content, but he has made some pretty terrifying films to start. His 1975 release of …

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Masking What’s Underneath

Masks are often used during Halloween as part of costumes. We use the opportunity to transform ourselves into something or someone else. Sometimes we like to mask ourselves as a famous actor or person. Other times, we like to delve into our dark side and become some kind of monster. Masks have also been used during rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations …

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