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How to Expedite a Film Review on Horrornews.net?

How to Expedite your Film Review?


First let me say that HNN has always been a free site for pushing out news, reviews, and horror related items. We do it because we love the genre and we love to discover new releases, period. We have had the pleasure of having several great writers over the years who just simply love to watch your films and review them (whether good or bad). The love has amounted into thousands of film reviews available on our site. Many of which, we are happy to see rank highly in the search results!

As HNN has grown over the years (founded in 2008), we have also become highly regarded in the horror community for delivering genre content on a continuous basis. We also realize we are “not” the only site out there doing this, however we have to consider the reality of our own time resources and availability.

With that said, our days are usually like this…..the UPS driver drops off several films a day while the rest come in the form of PR posts that provide free online links to their releases.

Simply said…. it adds up, and “never” slows up. The result is a pretty steady stream of 30-60 films requiring reviews a month.

The usual inquiry of “when do you expect my movie review to post?” question goes largely unanswered, most of the time.

We do what we can with the resources we have. Some sooner, some later, some not at all.

This sparked a “need” that we have come to recognize. The need for studios and film makers to have “existence” on the Internet. A need to have your film talked about by a respected site. The need to market your product by pointing it back to reviews, quotes and mentions. We get it, and want to help



Great! What can you do for us?….we don’t like to wait!

Much like the line at a theme park offering a “get ahead Aisle “, film makers can expedite a guaranteed review by our site by the following terms:
(Note: this is only for the impatient (we are not a “pay to play” web site”, all other can wait for a FREE review, if/when we can get to it. Though in the interest of full disclosure your film may typically otherwise fall behind 60-100 other films with a waiting period that can range from 2 months to 2 years to not at all)

1- The requestor agrees to “at least” take out 1 month of ad space on horrornews.net promoting your release (pricing will be forwarded)
The requestor of course is welcome to take out extended ad runs for as long as they like provided the ad space is still available

2- A hardcopy (mailed) or full download link is provided.
If we cannot download, we request a mailed DVD/bluray

3- The requestor recognizes that reviewers are under no obligation to review your product in a positive or negative manner and that it will be reviewed unbiased accordingly. (Aka: your ad run does not warrant a guaranteed positive review)

4- These terms are limited to 1 title for review. You are welcome to request additional reviews based on additional ad runs
(1 review per 1 month of advertising)

5- Your film will be watched and reviewed immediately as part of our weeks que
You should expect to see it posted within a week

If this all sounds good then please contact us first at: advertising@horrornews.net
In your email please mention that you have reviewed our terms and that you are ready to move forward so we can get you ad pricing. After which we’ll provide information for the mailing of your product.