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Horror Artists

Horror Art: Eyajo December Joseph

BIO: He wields the feral pen of a perturbed, yet bleakly elegant romancer. Every single stiple painstakingly etched and strategically applied. Almost as if he’s signed a deal with the devil himself and knows his soul is endeared to the keeper of lost souls. These pieces are absolutely remarkable. They entail nearly thirty years of ink, sweat and fears. And …

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Horror Art: Chantal Laura Handley

Chantal Laura Handley BIO: Chantal has been reading ghost stories and watching horror movies her whole life and has always wanted to bring the love for the genre into her artwork. Her art usually encompasses the feeling we get from horror, the fear and trying to capture that look into each piece. After graduating high school, Chantal attended the Advertising …

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Horror Art: Jesse Weathington

BIO: My name is Jesse Weathington and my background in horror and science fiction covers a wide range of creative projects with many years in the Hollywood film industry as a DP (Director of Photography) and sometimes as a film director. Drama Demo Reel: Vimeo.com/user80818776 To name a few, I was very fortunate to do the cinematography and lighting on …

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Horror Art: Richard Wilkinson

BIO: I’m an artist and illustrator from Brighton, UK and have been working as a professional illustrator for 12+ years. I’ve been a regular cover-artist for ‘New Scientist’ and have worked for many other science magazines including ‘Nature’ as well as other editorial clients including TIME Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and publishing clients including Harper Collins, Penguin and Random …

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Horror Art: Blake Lavergne

BIO: Blake Lavergne is a self taught artist originally from Louisiana and currently residing in California. Blake is a self taught artist creating mixed media Dark Surrealism using any tool or supply that he can get his hands on painstaking using innovative and cross hatching techniques to transmute the idea in his head onto canvas through the Alchemy that is …

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Horror Art: Cesar237

BIO: Cesar237 is a self-taught photographer & horror artist based in Los Angeles. His mediums include photography, paper mache, paint, sketching, and anything else he can get his hands on. He is known for his unique style of disturbing photography & the nightmares they inspire. Website: www.cesar237art.com

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Horror Art: Joachim Luetke

Joachim luetke Horror Art - Dark Artist - 5

BIO: has created arresting designs for a wide variety of projects, including print, film, CDs and DVDs. Born in Germany, he studied art in Switzerland during the late seventies, and improved his unique, disturbing talent at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. He still lives in Vienna as a renowned multimedia designer. His work’s been celebrated with several …

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Horror Art: Dennis William

BIO: The horror genre is a fantastic playground for artist types. It’s world that has no rules, and if you do happen to stumble across a rule somewhere in the dark, it’s only there to be broken. It’s really the only genre that allows an actor, actress, writer or artist to fully explore the spectrum of the human experience in all …

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Horror Art: SpineStealer

Once my traditional training in art had ended, I no longer practiced the arts which I was taught, and spent several years not knowing what to do with myself. But in 2006 I fell ill with a rare (and under-studied) condition. With encouragement from the artist Rob Lebeau, I looked to art as an outlet for my physical and emotional …

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Horror Art: Nick Percival

BIO: Based in the foggy, gothic, cobblestoned back streets of the United Kingdom, been a professional Illustrator and Animation Director for a good few years. Having co-founded and run one of the UK largest CGI Animation Studios, I also paint concept and create production artwork for Film & TV, video games and comic books including projects for folks such as …

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Horror Art: Zombienose

Zombienose is the author of the darkly poetic storybook series of twisted tales, known as The Zombienose Collection’ – There Are No Happy Endings. For those who know him best he is a gentle and kind character, secretly optimistic. It is said that his work offers endless comfort among the souls that are never quite sane in the night. Hailing …

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Interview: Natasha Morley (Special FX Make-up Artist)

Natasha Morley is an amazing Special FX Make-up artist. Her specialties include: Airbrushing, body painting, drawing, hair stylist and nail technician. First off tell us about yourself? Natasha- My name is Natasha Morley, I’m a qualified makeup artist for films, TV and high fashion. My world revolves around makeup, positivity, creativity and anything artistic. When did you know you wanted …

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