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Author Nick McAnulty New Book Release: “Skinning The Coyote”

Nick McAnulty is a Toronto based writer/director behind the twisted Found-footage film “Capture Kill Release” which HNN was very kind to in the past and I wanted to reach out about my new upcoming project.

Nick’s debut horror-western novel “Skinning the Coyote” is going to be released on October 6th from Wicked House Publishing. The book is a pulpy mixup of 3:10 to Yuma meets Predator. 




SynopsisDesperate for money to keep the bank from taking his land, disgraced former marshall Eli Cooke accepts a bounty from his old partner to bring in a charismatic train robber. What should have been a simple job turns into a deadly race against time as he finds himself pitted against a

group of rival bandits and murderous strangers from his bounties past looking for revenge.



As they all collide for what looks to be a deadly showdown, their confrontation is interrupted when they are ambushed by an ancient creature from beyond their wildest nightmares. Suddenly, the survivors are forced to put their differences aside and form an uneasy alliance to take down the beast. Desperately, they hatch a plan that thrusts them into a deadly showdown while also worrying about who they’ve been forced to trust and what will happen if any of them survive the night.

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