Julio Maria Martino’s COUNTRY OF HOTELS feature film premieres on the 12th March at Manchester Film Festival

Julio Maria Martino’s black comedy COUNTRY OF HOTELS takes you on a journey to a strange dark world hidden behind a hotel door This award winning feature film will receive its European premiere at Manchester Film Festival Julio Maria Martino’s COUNTRY OF HOTELS stars Michael Laurence (Damages, Shades of Blue), newcomer Charles Pike, Siobhán Hewlett (Sherlock) and Matthew Leitch (Band …

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Project ASH Now in Pre Production

For the past 6 months, the South Florida film company “Cotogang Production” has been secretly working on solidifying active production for their upcoming short film / proof of concept called “A Silent Hill,” but better and more simply known as “ASH.”

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Film Review: Dementer (2019)

SYNOPSIS: The film follows Katie, a young woman who flees a backwoods cult and takes a job at a care center for special needs adults in her determination to do some good with her life. But despite her best intentions, Katie can’t escape the signs that “the devils” are coming for Stephanie, a woman with Down syndrome she cares for, …

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