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The Dare Movie

CORONA ZOMBIES! They’re Coming to Wipe You Out!

As you may have heard, legendary cult film factory Full Moon is in post-production NOW on a goofy, gory, silly, satirical and irreverent satire on our current global crisis called CORONA ZOMBIES! Toilet paper famines, classic Italian zombies, media overload, a villainous virus, damsels in distress and a Government asleep at the wheel! Look out! As the real world drifts …

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Film Review: Vivarium (2019)

SYNOPSIS: A young couple looking for the perfect home find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood of identical houses. REVIEW: In troubled times and when people are scared and looking for comfort they often think of famous quotes like, “There’s no place like home” or “home is where you make it.” But what if you couldn’t leave home? What …

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First clip from horror sequel ‘FOR JENNIFER’

Tiffani Fest, Felissa Rose and Dominique Swain in meta-horror FOR JENNIFER Tiffani Fest, Felissa Rose and Dominique Swain star in director Jody Barton’s exceedingly clever FOR JENNIFER, available now On Demand from JB Films.   After a surprise horror themed birthday party, Jennifer gets a scare that leads to an accident. Jennifer is a horror blogger and huge horror movie …

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