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Public Relations for the Horror Genre

Marketing Macabre is a wickedly devilish public relations / marketing / social media company subservient to horror professionals like yourself. Our undying devotion is to assist horror entities in promoting their diabolical creations well beyond the grave… So if you have anything to do with horror, be it a production company, director, producer, actor, writer, podcaster, singer, etc…, we will craft a campaign “witch” will spellbind you and your evil dominion. 

“I’m excited to offer a public relations alternative for independent horror filmmakers trying to cut through the noise and find their audience.  I’ve been involved in the film industry since 2008 working hard to provide the very best in creative content and marketing solutions.   I have a unique perspective being able to work both sides of coin, as Director of Marketing for the Distribution Company, Artsploitation Films as well as Manager for Horrornews.net.” – Michael Joy, Marketing Macabre President

What is Marketing Macabre?

We are a boutique public relations company that specializes in giving independent horror filmmakers and professionals an affordable alternative for publicity and marketing.

(We work completely independent from Horrornews.net) 


What makes Marketing Macabre better than other PR companies?

We know indie filmmakers don’t have large budgets, so we make our services affordable by offering a “create your own” marketing campaign that fits the specific needs of filmmakers with plenty of ala-cart options.


What can I promote through Marketing Macabre?

We’ve done marketing campaigns for feature films, short films, horror apps, horror games, horror streaming channels, horror film festivals, horror books, horror comics, horror soundtracks, and other novelties.


What does Marketing Macabre recommend for a press release?

We recommend collecting your assets and mapping out a plan of attack.   Don’t give media outlets everything all at once.  Instead, strategically space out individual press releases to feature various film assets like, teaser trailers, theatrical trailers, official movie posters, lobby cards, and exclusive clips & stills.


What is Marketing Macabre’s outreach?

It all starts with Horrornews.net but our press releases go out to over 200+ horror websites / bloggers / movie reviewers / and podcasters.


How much does Marketing Macabre cost?

For further descriptions on services and prices, please contact Michael Joy at joyhorror@msn.com with all inquiries.


“HNN presents” Distribution Label

We believe in horror.  This is the genesis of a new era in how people consume entertainment and we are leading the charge to a revolution.  As we stand at the forefront of the film industries rebirth, it’s our mission to establish the horror genre as the epicenter of the “at home” video experience.

“I want to support the efforts of independent filmmakers and give them a chance to break through the glass ceiling and showcase their talents to the world.” – Michael Joy, HNN Manager

What is “HNN Presents”?

Horrornews.net has partnered with Bayview Entertainment / Widowmaker Films to create the horror video distribution label, “HNN Presents”.


What makes “HNN Presents” better than other horror distribution labels?

“HNN Presents” leverages the insider knowledge of the horror field from Horrornews.net with the distribution experience of BayView Entertainment to offer the best films in the horror genre from around the globe.


How can I get a distribution deal with “HNN Presents”?

HNN manager, Michael Joy will be handling all acquisitions for the “HNN Presents” label.  Please direct all inquiries to Michael at joyhorror@msn.com


What is the requirement to be a “HNN Presents” feature film?

All horror genre feature films should be approximately 90 minutes in length. Films must be in English language or have English subtitles available.


What is the “HNN Presents” marketing strategy?

It all starts with Horrornews.net but goes so much farther, as Marketing Macabre handles publicity and marketing campaigns for each title’s release.


 How can I watch “HNN Presents” movies?

“HNN Presents” titles will be available on both streaming and physical media platforms.


“HNN Presents” Video