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Horror Short Films – Submission Page


Horror Short Films – Submitting to Horrornews.net

As HorrorNews.net continues its efforts in archiving and presenting one of the largest horror film trailer collections on the Internet, we wanted to offer an additional opportunity to short film filmmakers. We will be initiating a “Horror Short Films” section to our site of which will be dedicated to providing a location where our readers can access your films to view, comment or recommend.

(please don’t not submit trailers here – as we prefer those come over as press releases)

We ask that you fill out the form below with a link to your film that we can grab for inclusion onto our site.


Please include a synopsis, and year of creation

**do not paste in your embed code as the form strips this out. Better to just add a URL link to the source.

Films will be listed as:

Horror Short Film:_______name of film_____

Please add to the subject line:

Horror Short Film: “name of film” (year)

Please add your submissions to our comments section below


  1. Horror Short Film: Myrrha (2013)

    The night before a bachelorette-hiking extravaganza, three girls wait for the bride to be at a cabin in the mountains. The enjoyable evening is shattered when they receive a call from Sarah, informing them that she is bringing her sister from a mental hospital. Horrified, the three girls gossip rumors of Kali and fear what mad and macabre will follow her when she arrives.

  2. Short film by Gigglyboy called “The ATM” at:


    Thank You

  3. Horror Short Film: Family Game Night (2015)

    Synopsis: A heartbroken office drone is coaxed out of his self-imposed isolation by two bubbly, enthusiastic co-workers. Their proposition: to join them for their renowned “family game night,” where they promise him an evening of fun and a chance to forget his troubles.

    But something sinister lurks just beneath the surface of these happy-go-lucky lovebirds, and our sad sack is about to find out just how far they’re willing to go for a good time.

    Link: www.familygamenightfilm.com

  4. Horror Short Film : SLOVEN (2016)

    Glass Cabin Films’ Sloven, starring Baker Chase Powell, is a horror short about a guy who comes home to find his untidy roommate has left the house particularly messy… Or has something unearthly created the disorder?

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkSmKMx1PGw

  5. Horror Short Film: “The Davenport Vampire” (2014)

    Based on an actual 911 phone call, “The Davenport Vampire” tells the story of a young man (Brett Dohmen) trapped in his car with a dead battery who is terrorized by a psychotic “vampire”. He desperately calls 911 and the operator (Mark Balunis) tries to talk him through it and send help.

  6. Horror Short Film: “Last Night” (2016)

    This is a well told story, about a young woman who’s world kept secretly from those around. A promising short-film that excels in it’s sinergy of different art forms.

  7. Horror Short Film “The Sounds They Make” 2016

    A mother fears for her daughter when she hears strange sounds in her home.


  8. Flicker – https://vimeo.com/176677978

    A girl stumbles upon a mysterious Film showing that appears to be vacant, but soon realizes she is being watched.

  9. Horror Short Film: “20 Hz” (2015)

    Human hearing is capable of detecting sound waves between 20 and 20.000 Hz… merely a small fraction of the frequency spectrum. Most sounds around us go unnoticed.


  10. Horror Short Film: Best Friends (2016)

    Childhood best friends Ferry and Robert, now office colleagues, are confronted with an unsual change when Robert is starting to look pale and experiences a sudden crave for human flesh. Even worse: he has just uncontrollably bitten a colleague. Is their lifelong friendship capable of surviving such a drastic change in one of the two friends?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGxOylSQciE (English subtitles must be turned on)

  11. Horror Short Film: “The Last Halloween” (2014)

    Synopsis: The city is quiet; the streets, deserted. It doesn’t much feel like Halloween, and yet four young trick-or-treaters – a Ghost, a Devil, a Grim Reaper and a Witch – make their way through the night, door to door and house by house, gathering up an unlikely harvest of kindness amid the devastated wreckage of society’s collapse.

    In a world where the only rule is that there are no rules anymore, it is perhaps a fitting irony that it should all come down to this… a
    simple choice between two starkly different options.

    The Last Halloween is here at last, and the time has come to make your choice.

    So, what will it be?

    Trick? Or treat?


  12. Horror Short Film: “Remote” (2009)

    Synopsis: Temporarily connected in time, a man tries to prevent the murder of a young woman, living in his house 30 years in the past.


  13. Colin Campbell

    Horror Short Film: “The Sound of Fear” (2016)
    Synopsis: A Deaf woman on the run from killers in a mostly deserted resort town must rescue a newly orphaned girl.

  14. Josh Venkataraman

    Horror Short Film: The Joker Journal (2016)
    Synopsis: Before he became the iconic Joker, Heath Ledger spent a month in a hotel room trying to find the character.

  15. Clément Bonpoil

    Horror Short Film : “The Shoes” (2016)
    Writer & director / KEVIN MENDIBOURE
    Sound / Fabrice Valsin
    Color / Guillaume Heulard
    The Cast
    English dubing / NATHAN RIPP
    Synopsis : THE SHOES is a short film about demonic shoes…


  16. Horror Short Film: The Place (2017)

    Animated Short. If Hammer Studios produced The Snowman.

    Artwork / Luke Layal
    Story / Nick Foster / Luke Layal
    Music / Bong Torrez


  17. Horror Short Film: “Violet” (2017)

    Synopsis: A film paying homage to old slasher movies.. Tells the story of a psycho girl that suspects her boyfriend is cheating.


  18. Horror Short Film: The Hopping Dead (2016)

    Synopsis: Two thieves break into a Chinese business only to stumble upon the terror that is the Chinese jiangshi, a corpse reanimated as a hopping vampire by Chinese black magic that, because of rigor mortis, chases after its victims by hopping.


  19. Horror short film GASP
    A four-minute horror film. Magda’s in for the evening, but that doesn’t mean trouble won’t find her.


  20. Horror short film: “The Figure” (2016)

    Six campers venture into the woods that are rumoured to be the stomping grounds of a legendary serial killer in this horror-comedy that pays tribute to the 1980s slasher genre with a modern twist!


  21. Horror Short Film: “Peekaboo” (2014)

    A thief hiding out in a rented house wakes up with the feeling that he is not alone…


  22. Horror Short Film: “Eddie” (2017)

    Deep underground, a second-rate scientist mans a discarded research facility struggling to cope with extreme boredom, a desperate voiceless companion and a mystery he’d really rather not have to solve…


    Thanks so much!

  23. Horror Short Film: “She’s Here” (2017), 2 minutes

    When her brother doesn’t come down for dinner, she discovers him hiding from a sinister presence.


    written and directed by


    Hope you enjoy! Thank you!

  24. Grant Bayliss

    Horror short film: ‘The Old Believer’ (2017)

    ‘Military elite are selected to endure a horrifying survival test with an isolated old woman in uncharted Siberia. Those who evade her warden and survive the selection, join an apocalyptic special forces cult’


    Directed by Micheal Doyle
    Written and Produced by Grant Bayliss

  25. Peter Dorn Ravlin

    Horror Short Film “A Specter Whispers in the Dark” It tells the story of a woman, who after her house is broken into, is forced to confront the demons of her past: childhood abandonment and adult betrayal.

    I relay hope to get your Feed back good or bad


  26. Horror Short Film : “Matilda” (2017)

    Matilda entails a middle eastern female Nun who plans to perform an exorcism. Although forbidden, the young woman follows through to encounter more than what she bargained for.


    Directed, Written & Edited by Yaw Agyapong

  27. Horror Short Film: “Ryde” (2018)

    An Uber driver experiences a night of terror after picking up a sadistic killer who forces him to participate in a series of violent and twisted road games.


    Release Date:
    April 20th, 2018 on Amazon

    Written and Directed by Elgin Cahill

  28. Horror Short Film “Foet (Dir.Cut)” Original cut(2001) Dir.Cut (2007)

    Pro-life house wife falls in love with the latest trend to hit New York City: handbags made out of fetal skin.


    Based off the short story by F.Paul Wilson

  29. Dena McKinnon

    Horror Short Film “Wanna Play?”

    What if someone had been in your house and had the selfies to prove it!? Wanna Play? Creepy Clowns do!


  30. Horror Short Fil “Masquerades Day”

    A girl has a mysterious visitor for Masquerades day (a Slavic equivalent of Halloween).


  31. Horror Short Film: ‘Dark Park’ (2018)


  32. Horror Short Film: “Tuck Me In” (2014)

    An award-winning one minute film directed by the brilliant Ignacio F. Rodó, which premiered in over 200 festivals, winning dozens of awards.

    Synopsis: Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that’s not the only thing he asks for.


  33. Horror Short Film: Lucid Dark (2016)

    After a traumatic incident, Norah has an episode of sleep paralysis in which she’s visited by a demon known as the Old Hag. With aid from paranormal sleep experts, they try to rid the evil, but risk unleashing it into the mortal world. Winner of “Best Editing” at the 2016 UCR MCS Media Festival


  34. Short horrorfilm: The killer is inside the house (2017)

    A young woman is stalked by a masked killer


  35. Horror Short Film: “CAN YOU HEAR IT?” (2018)

    Nadia hears the voices. Are they real?


  36. Horror Short Film Film : “SLASH ME” (2018)

    Lauren is waiting for friends on Halloween night. But something evil lurks in the shadow.


  37. Christopher Greffrath

    Horror Short Film: The Cabin He Calls Home (2018)

    A group of friends gather around a fire as one of them sets up a dare to find the cabin he calls home…


  38. Kyle Schweikert

    Horror Short Film: Check Again (2018)

    A horror film based on my compulsive urge to check if the stove is off.


  39. Horror Short Film: Dead House (2017)

    Two men renovating a mysterious old house attempt to leave before the building enters lock down and seals them inside. Unfortunately the house has different plans for them.


  40. Horror Short Film: Girl Trip (2018)

    ‘A fun road trip ends in murder and mayhem when hidden resentments between best friends surface and everyone learns the hard way never to get in the middle of a catfight.’

    Directors website: catherineblack.com

    Full Movie: https://vimeo.com/219972292

  41. Horror Short Film: The Stillborn (2017)

    Something terrible has happened. One brother has gone missing and something evil now stalks the other.

    Filmed entirely on Super 8mm, The Stillborn acts as an artistic reinterpretation of a cancelled horror film written by director Forrest DePoy.


  42. Bobby Yagodich

    Horror Short Film: THE VISITOR (2018)

    A woman is stalked by a menacing force in her home.


  43. Horror Short Film: ‘The Visitor’ (2018)

    A woman is slowly stalked by a menacing force.


  44. Horror Short Film : THE CURSE OF CHAINS (2018)

    Directed by Fabio M. Silva, Starring Alyona Da Silva
    A woman ignored a chain letter, and now a demon has come for her.

    LINK: https://youtu.be/X7Fcmh4RJIw

  45. Horror Short Film: Short Film by Blauw Films (2018)

    Short Film by Blauw Films follows a man who has just learned about his girlfriend’s pregnancy.
    The film is about a man making peace with the idea of becoming a father.
    Unprepared for this change in his life, he falls into a nightmarish experience.

    It was created as a personal project between the members of Blauw Films, but most importantly, between friends.




  46. Christmas Horror Short Film: ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

    When the Mayor of White Cliffs forces an old man Nick to close down his old fashion toy shop right before the holidays, it sends the Toymaker into a psychotic killing spree. Now it’s up to a police chief who hates the holidays to protect the town and track down the killer in, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT.


  47. Horror Short Film: “Halloween: The Panhandle Massacre”

    When a seemingly unstoppable mass murderer—recently escaped from a nearby Mental Institute—comes to a small, rural town along the remote Panhandle Trail, all hell comes with him! Aiding a cynical Detective’s (Adam Caplinger) investigation into the mysterious murders is an equally enigmatic Doctor (David Dietz) who wildly claims that the gruesome killings are, in fact, the handiwork of none other than the legendary Michael Meyers (Brian Ceponis). Can the Doctor convince the Detective of the true evil running amok in his town? Or will Michael destroy all the town’s innocent residents–beginning with Heather Peterson (Christina Chickas) and her kids?

  48. Short Horror Film: RESLTESS
    Directed by Ronnie Wilson
    Starring Tiffany Parker

    After dealing with weeks of insomnia due to a tragic event Tiffany begins experiencing several occurrences that have her question what’s real and what’s a figment of her fears.

  49. Dear Horrornews Team,

    We’d be tremendously grateful if you’d have
    the time to watch and review our multi-award
    winning short psychological horror BURN?

    It’s on its film festival run at present (next
    up is Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, USA and then a premiere in
    Venezuela at Finecoin). It was also Shriekfest winner in 2017 for best short horror.

    Amazingly, it’s made for just under £5000 and was
    a feat of filmmaking given our constraints, but I guess it came
    out okay.

    I would personally be honored to be reviewed by you guys
    and we’d be stoked as a team to get a look in by you!

    Here’s the Teaser:

    Sorry about the private link that we obviously can’t post — but we have to because of
    its film festival run.

    We hope to hear from you Horrornews Team,

    Thank You,

    Warm regards,

    Judson Vaughan
    Producer & Director of BURN

  50. Horror Short Film BURN (2017)

    – Apologies, just saw that you’d like info (as above) too.



  51. Just an update to submitters from HNN
    We are working our ways thru them, got about 3-4 reviewers specific to short films, however we also have a pretty big backlog of around 200 to still get thru

    Just a FYI – for those who contact us

    Considering that most horror sites will take a pass on short films, we seem to be doing pretty well on those
    Keep rockin!

    HNN administration

  52. Title: The Hungry Poltergeist

    Synopsis: Guy has an unusual house guest.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrE0FzKlGlg&t=4s

    Press: http://turnshoe.co.uk/the-hungry-poltergeist-press/

  53. Horror Short Film: ‘Cycles of Visitation’

    A man is trapped in a time loop, wherein he is repeatedly haunted by other-worldly forces.


  54. Horror Short Film: “BL33Ch” (2019)

    While working the night shift at his IT office, a computer repairman is haunted by a digital entity that threatens his very existence.


  55. Mohamed Fakhro

    Horror Short Film: CLOVEN (2018)

    Synopsis: A short horror film based on a popular Bahraini folklore.

    Runtime: 6 mins

    Link: https://vimeo.com/308189203

  56. Horror Short Film: River Road (2019)
    Three kids on Halloween have a creepy clown sighting.
    15 Mins.
    Link : https://www.facebook.com/StrongBrothersFilms/videos/302151740445667/UzpfSTEwODQ0OTUzNTE1OTY0OTA6MjI1OTQwMjY5NDEwNTc0NA/

  57. Horror Short Film: Canary (2019)

    Canary is the story of a woman who experiences some unusual phenomena, seemingly centered around her woodshed.


  58. Horror Short Film: Verso (2019)
    A short horror film about the dangers of a resentful mind following a horrific night at an artist mixer and the desire for revenge.

    Have we become passive voyeurs of the violence of the world?
    Are we able to empathize as if the circumstances were reversed?
    How are we poisoned by the context of our own perception?

  59. Horror Short Film: “MY FIRST TIME (2018)
    Tonight Maggie is “doing it” for the first time. She meets Kobi, a guy cute enough for her purposes and totally oblivious to Maggie’s real intentions…


  60. Peter Dorn-Ravlin

    Hello I like you page hears a new horror short film i made


    A thirteen year old girl finds she is not alone in the house. Can she survive the sinister presence?


  61. Andrew Almeida

    Horror Short Film: “Momo: A short horror movie” (2019)

    A child watches her favorite puppet Youtube video, but this time it was hacked with the Momo entity. From a child’s perspective, Kaleb and his best friend Owen try to find a way to extract the Momo entity from Leigha before it is to late.


  62. Horror Short Film: Department 666 (2019)

    Tagline: “Work is Hell”

    Synopsis: A recently deceased man discovers that the afterlife isn’t quite what he was expecting.

    Link: https://filmfreeway.com/department666
    (password: workishell)


    Enter the twisted and surreal world of Interment – where nothing is as it seems and no one is safe. Writer/director Sean Murray delivers this blood soaked tragedy which will leave you uneasy and disturbed.


  64. My first film in over 16 years. A short prequel to my 2003 feature film DAWN. A vampire film with more heart than horror. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l928gEoydW4&feature=share

  65. August Aguilar

    “Happy Mother’s Day” (2019)

    When Samantha comes to visit a friend’s house for Mother’s Day, she soon finds herself the victim of a deranged family.


  66. Horror Short Film: A Tale of an Onion Witch (2019)

    Preview link: https://youtu.be/RVNMupfKAG0

    Synopsis: Two flatmates, evidently from the gym-going North Indian breed of tinsel-town hopefuls, are warned about the 100 year old Witch that occasionally wanders around at night asking for an Onion. When an attractive neighbor knocks for help at midnight, their red-blooded fates unravel.

  67. Horror Short Film: The Radio King (2019)

    The night is long and the drivers are weary. Chaos is nigh and darkness erodes the self. The Radio King cometh, and no one is safe.


  68. Horror Short Film: The Witch’s Game (2016)

    Two roommates jokingly play a game similar to Bloody Mary to see if they can summon the ghost of a dead witch., but when they go on a hike through the woods, they realize that the game is no joke.

    Link: https://vimeo.com/189694210

  69. Horror Short Film: “The Phantom Hour” (2016)

    Plot Summary: Four strangers meet in a mysterious home. All there for different reasons, they slowly begin to realize something is terribly wrong with their host… and their chef.

    Plot Outline: A vampire’s deadly plan for his guests is jeopardized when his dimwitted servant ruins their dinner.

    Full Film Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xatUdzEG358

  70. Christian Toia

    Horror Short Film: Baby Doll (2019)

    When a lonely man suddenly becomes infatuated with a girl at his office, his obsession soon takes him to disturbing lengths to win over her affections.

    A psychological thriller with twists and turns, and delves into the psyche of those who would go to extreme lengths to find love.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MD7jYyJ5u4&t=8s

  71. Jacob Michael King

    Horror Short Film: Momma Told Me

    Connie needs to get the hell away from home, so she starts hitchhiking. She catches a ride with a mysterious stranger, and things seem to be going well — but then she notices the bodies in his truck bed…


  72. Chris Magennis

    Horror Short Film: Etartsac (2020)

    Chris makes a life altering choice that slowly comes back to not only haunt him, but seek vengeance.


  73. Horror Short Film: Grief (2020)

    A grieving couple navigates the mysterious disappearance of their son and a stranger visits in the middle of the night to bring their worst fears to a violent, and psychedelic climax.

    Premiered on Alter: https://watchalter.com/video/grief/

  74. Horror Short Film: His Hands (2019)

    Two men of different age meet for the strangest encounter of their lives.

    Premiered on Amazon Prime Video: https://www.amazon.co.uk/His-Hands-Arron-Blake/dp/B07WPG85QK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=HIS+HANDS+FILM&qid=1570265641&sr=8-1

  75. Horror Short Film: Feed (2020)

    After turning on her television, a young woman fears she may not be home alone.


  76. Horror Short Film: A Thousand Hands (2020)

    When a woman finds a USB in the street, the
    images inside it give her the strange idea someone is watching


  77. Horror Short Film: Saturday Night Undead Intro (2020)

    Saturday Night of the living dead.


  78. Horror Short: Choice Cuts
    It was shot in 2014 but had a long festival run. Just uploaded to the web.
    Running Time: 4:43

    SYNOP: A pair of sadistic sibling serial killers. A beautiful young woman handcuffed and gagged. We know how this is going to turn out. Or do we?


  79. Horror / Dark Comedy Short: Dead Dad (2020)
    A quarantined family struggle to let go of a loved one.

    Featured in the Best of #Shelter Shorts. The story grew out of my worst fears and my family’s real lives.


  80. Horror Short Film: Devil’s Door (July 2020)

    A woman is dared to try a superstitious ritual – Devil’s Door.


  81. Callum Windsor

    Horror Short Film: The Erl King (2020)

    Synopsis: Following the death of his father, Alfie’s relationship with his mother is tenuous, but when he claims that his father has returned, fact becomes hard to discern from fiction.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNfMHiNu18Y&feature=youtu.be

  82. Horror Short Film: The Collector (2020)

    Synopsis: Enter the gory realm of a deranged man who specializes in collecting body parts.

  83. Horror Short Film: Camping Fun (2020)
    Synopsis: Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that it is being occupied by a deranged sinister cult.
    Release: 8/3/20
    URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnXZVqhhC4

  84. Horror Short Film: The Sanctuary (2016)

    The Sanctuary premiered in Los Angeles at the The 120 Hour Film Festival on October 15th, 2016. The festival was created by James Franco and Scott Haze as a challenge for filmmakers to complete a short horror film in just 5 days. 17 hand-selected teams had 120 hours to write, shoot, edit, and finish their project. Production lasted 2 days and the total budget was $2,300.

    The Sanctuary was nominated for the Audience Choice Award and Best Special Effects Makeup at the 120 Hour Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Film at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest (Dec 2016) and screened at Crypticon Seattle 2017. The film is now available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

    Log line: A woman trapped in an asylum finds out the truth about why she’s there.

    The Sanctuary (YouTube): https://youtu.be/3FipjZJsJrQ

  85. Hi

    This is not for a film but the soundtrack to imaginary ones (and one cover version)

    UK ‘Horror Hippies’, Fun Balloon Animals are due to release ‘Exploitation Ferox’ a homage to the great tunes that can sometimes be found on the cheapest, low rent films that filled the upper two racks of the high street video stores in the late 70’s and throughout the 1980’s.  From Fulci’s gore ridden masterpiece’s to Romero’s use of Horror as a social commentary or the gang and Kung Fu film trends of the time, whatever the budget or debatable acting talent involved, the one thing you could depend upon was a kicking soundtrack.

    ​These are the type of films that influenced the band and their soundtracks have influenced this LP.

    ​You can listen to the LP prior to its official release (on the 31/10/2020) here:



  86. Film: Ghost Girl (2020, 11 minutes)

    URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=822-tra5DA4

    Synopsis: Ghost Girl is the animated musical journey of a little girl who longs to fit in. The only problem? She’s terrorized by malevolent spirits, and nobody believes her—except for her loving but overbearing mother.

    Music: District 97
    Director: Chris Kezelos (Zero, The Maker)

  87. Horror Short Film: What Have You Done (2020)

    A powerful man with a dead body in his trunk confronts his fixer about what to do. When the identity of the body is revealed, all hell breaks loose.


  88. HORROR SHORT FILM: “Why Haven’t They Fixed the Cameras Yet?”

    A woman leaves her holiday work party late to discover the security cameras are still broken.


  89. Animated Horror short film: “Eternally”

    A zombie love story. Animated in Quarantine.


  90. Animated Horror Short film: “Eternally” (2020)

    A zombie goes on a journey be with the one he loves.


  91. Horror Short Film: Night at the London Film Academy (2020)

    Whilst working a shift at the London Film Academy (LFA) a cleaner comes across a bloody heart and a series of supernatural events begin to occur.


    Run time: 4.12

  92. Horror short film: “Full Disclosure” (2020)

    Friends on a virtual drinks call are targeted by a supernatural Zoombomber, who forces them to reveal dark secrets.


  93. Horror short film THE ROCKSIDE FILES Tape 1 .

    Receiving a mysterious package Detective Bailey Parker finds inside files documenting the violent events that lead the disappearance of her baby sister .

    Laura DePinho
    Erin Clark


  94. HORROR SHORT FILM : The Rockside Files

    The Rockside Files After receiving a mysterious package Detective Bailey Parker finds inside files documenting the violent events leading to the disappearance of her baby sister.


  95. Horror Short film about an unwanted visitor in your home.

    The Unlord


    Check out my Youtube Channel: Raymond Morrison for more films!




    Check out my Youtube Channel: Raymond Morrison for more films!



    Drink the water, go nuts


    Check out my Youtube Channel: Raymond Morrison for more films!


  98. www.vimeo.com/backbonefilms/keratin

    ‘Keratin’ follows an isolated mans ritualistic pursuit of creation in the heart of a dark, dense, claustrophobic forest’

    “A peculiar and unnerving atmospheric short about isolation, obsession and creation, which follows an isolated man’s ritualistic compulsions in the pursuit survival, even if it means he must part with his own flesh and blood. Though absent of dialogue, Keratin retains a powerful voice through a haunting score.” – Leeds International Film Festival

    “Keratin is a must-watch eerie short film with masterful direction, well-realised sound design and music, and a bloody, intriguing story.” – UK Film Review

  99. Short Horror Film

    Daemonium Malum 2022

    After the death of her husband Angela begins experiencing Sleep Paralysis. With the help her therapist Dr. Bailey they begin to uncover the reasons behind her nightmares.


  100. Horror short film: Searchers (2022)
    In this proof-of-concept short film, a private investigator researches the disappearance of a child in the Salton Sea. But her interview with the mother uncovers something much darker than she could ever have imagined.

  101. Horror Short Film: Twine (2015)

    Hi There,

    This is a quick note to share a link for a short horror starring Dylan ‘Largo Brandyfoot’ Smith. Irish accent intact!!!

    It’s been released today on Youtube (previously it’s been on Amazon and doing the film festival rounds). I hope you can share/review though it’s not for the faint hearted. Any queries, drop me a line.

    All the best, Richard.

    Film – https://youtu.be/3F2OJ5p-LX8
    Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LEdk1O_6OM&t=5s


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