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Book Review: Helminth – Author S. Alessandro Martinez

Helminth By S. Alessandro Martinez Omnium Gatherum Media 273 Pages When young grieving widow Abby struggles to cope with the loss of her husband she succumbs to the inevitable feeling of perpetual sorrow. Attempting any and all provisions to endure the journey of bereavement, she also has to grapple with the haunting flashbacks of witnessing the love of her life …

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HALLOWEEN KILLS | #FaceTheShapeContest Winner

The #FaceTheShapeContest had die-hard Michael Myers stans from across the country submit videos of themselves on TikTok and Instagram explaining why they are the franchise’s biggest fan.  They were also asked to include their best horror scream. Similar to Dr. Loomis, Murtha became obsessed with Myers.  At the age of 9, he made Halloween-inspired videos with his friends.  As Murtha explains in his …

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