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TAHOE JOE 2: Bigfoot Conspiracy Coming This Memorial Day!

The true life friendship duo of Dillon Brown and Michael Rock is never more present than what the two bring to their on-screen “bromance” in Tahoe Joe. Brown and Rock met while Brown was working on a horror film in 2021 and the two hit off immediately. They love making found footage style horror films together, but more importantly, have …

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Get Involved In the Film Industry with PIGLET: THE MOVIE Indiegogo

PIGLET: THE MOVIE is now on Indiegogo and offering Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Executive Producer perks at affordable rates plus plenty of fandom specials like DVD and Blu-Ray bundles and more. PIGLET stars Celeste Blandon (Phanton Fun World), Brian Bremer (Pumpkinhead), Jasper Hammer (Bay for Blood), Ilene Sullivan (Knock, Knock), and Angel Bradford (Desperate Souls).

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Dreaded Invocations: 14 Frightening Tales to Utter in Hushed Tones

Dreaded Invocations is a short story collection and the newest release from Anthony M. Caro, author of the acclaimed Tragedy Man: A Horror Anthology and the number-one Amazon seller Universal Monsters & Neurotics. Purchase the book exclusively at Amazon on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. https://www.amazon.com/Dreaded-Invocations-Terrifying-Horror-Hushed-ebook/dp/B0D3QQ6ZSZ/ Dreaded Invocations presents transgressive spins on pulp-style short story horror fiction. Read the garish tales …

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