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How do I contact Horrornews.net?

For site-related needs, writer inquiries, and general site related content reach out to
Adrian Halen  (CEO, Admin, Owner and Chief Editor)

For general inquiries, appearances, sponsorships and acquisitions contact:
Mike Joy Manager (public relations / brand ambassador)
HNN Presents Distribution Label – Acquisitions

How to Advertise on Horrornews.net?

All advertising needs should contact HNN directly at
(please see Advertising link)


How do I get my film reviewed on Horrornews.net?

We try and accommodate as many requests as we can by funneling our submissions thru our review staff. If you have a new feature, a film project or just a collective of films you’d like reviewed on Horrornews.net, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Review time may take up to 2 -3 weeks – 6 months, due to the number of submissions we receive (which can be up to 30 films per month)

Film Back catalogs are also welcome (and usually achieve instant high rankings within search engine results!)

SEND to news@horrornews.net

What if I wanted to expedite my film review, what does HNN offer?

Horrornews.net has recognized that independent filmmakers and releases looking to get immediate coverage might need to circumvent the review wait period. For those who looking for a move ahead” opportunity, we offer that here

How do I get my Book or Comic Book reviewed on Horrornews.net?

We have just updated our terms on book reviews. If you are an author or publisher,  Please read our latest posting HERE for submitting books, comics and graphic novels to Horrornews.net.


How do I get interviewed on Horrornews.net?

All contacts should reach out to our chief interviewer Janel Spiegel who is in charge of coordinating and interviewing
more information can be found here


How do I submit my short film for review on Horrornews.net?

Horrornews.net has provided a short film submission page which can be found here. Generally, submissions can simply be entered into the comments section of the short film submissions page with a link to you short film. Please do not contact us to promote your short film press release, as we only accept press releases on feature length films. Short films are added to a pool of submissions of which our reviewers review periodically. We only accept horror-related content for review.



What is Horrornews.net?

Horrornews.net is a popular horror genre site marketed to all aspects of the Horror industry. While horror is our #1 focus, we also feature extensive material on the Paranormal, Asian Horror, Cult Films, Fantasy and Extreme Action. Horrornews.net is comprised several writers who contribute various aspects to the site.

Horrornews.net features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, interviews, live podcast shows and a collective of original exclusive articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.

Horrornews.net is the official Horror News site and in no way affiliated, associated, or a part of horrornewsnetwork (dot) net
HNN | Horrornews.net has been serving the horror community since 2008 and is the original and official portal for all things horror news

HNN simply is a means for your film, product, book or studio to have existence on the internet.
Whether bad or good, a product without existence in the search engines is simply without relevance.
You work hard to create something, while we work hard to create a site that provides existence for your items.

When was Horrornews.net founded?

Horrornews.net was first established in 2008. We have often taken on the acronym of HNN for branding purposes.



Horrornews.net is the #1 favorite in search engines for “Horror News” (Google,  BING…).We also have an extensive social media reach which reaches over 600,000 users and climbing. Horrornews.net is designed to network all our posts thru a number of outside channels.

How established is HNN?
Why Market your Horror release on HNN?

Updated stats – 6.2021
How popular is Horrornews.net?

Per marketing stats HNN (Horrrornews.net) has reached the 2nd highest trafficked horror site in the world with a influx of over 800K+ visitors per month. Though don’t take our word for it research it yourself!


Per recent organic ranking check studies against similar themed horror genre sites, Horrornews.net (HNN) is proud to say that we are ranked in the top 3 horror sites across the web, and in the top 2 horror sites for organic keywords. A recent Alexa study listed Horrornews.net in the top 8 horror sites of all timeincluding our top ranking query for Horrornews.net as one of the “top horror sites“.

Horrornews.net (HNN) is additionally in the top 100K sites (of all sites) across the web

Alexa Ranking (posted 1/2017) – skyrocketing!


HNN (horrornews.net) was voted top horror site by the polls!

Without getting into specifics, we currently outrank all printed magazine horror websites as a top online market resource for your horror related releases. In short, if your looking to market horror, then HNN is a portal for you to get seen.

Why choose HNN (Horrornews.net) for advertising over other like-genre news sites?

While reports are still coming in on the state of the online horror marketplace, we have received word that several previous front-runners are in the stages of closing up for good. This places HNN in a unique position as an additional front runner, to soon be among very few long standing horror sites that even offer advertising space for buyers. We only have so many spots that we offer creating a supply an demand for buyers. (Get in early!!)

AD IMPRESSIONS: (Get visible!)
Per our Ad counter,  1 real example of ad on HNN Horrornews.net receiving over 3 million impressions in 1 month
(see screenshot)



This area has been provided by HorrorNews.net for those who require a logo, banner or other form of representation in the interest of linking back or promoting HorrorNews.net. It may be used freely without permission, but may not be altered without permission. If you require alteration, please request to us directly at the email provided.

All backlinks are encouraged, we require no email verification to do so.

Please note, we will provide future banners and HNN logos here. If you have a particular size need please email use directly at new@horrornews.net

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