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Get Interviewed?


As we’ve grown over the years, we found it necessary to fine tune our procedures in many areas. One of such area which we get alot of requests in, is an interview feature.

If you are interested in an interview feature on HorrorNews.net, please contact one of our reps, directly. We ask if you are a new talent, director, author or other that you hold off until someone has had a chance to review your film/product.

Right not, except for special occasions we are NOT interested in interviewing “short film” directors. The reason being, there are just too many to accommodate and to invest time into putting together an article would delay those with actual features.

We do get alot of requests from both new performers and seasoned directors, though please be patient as we can find time to fit your interview in. To help speed things up, usually one of our reps will send a questionnaire per email, that you can answer as you have time available.

If you require a phone interview, the interview may be captured as an audio file or transcribed. Though transcribing does take alot of time and could delay your interview for months before its ready. As far as Internet visibility you are of course better off with a written interview as audio files don’t get much SEO value in search engines.

If you are a PR rep for talent, please contact our reps to coordinate.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to hold off on artists, films and other that we are NOT familiar with. We understand that interviews are essentially marketing pieces for the client and may not be of public interest (at the time). This does not mean we wouldn’t take a request, just that we can’t accommodate every actor or film that comes in.

For interviews on HorrorNews.net please contact a member of our staff directly at:
(limit your request to ONE of the interviewers, to avoid confusion)

Interview requests: Please reach out first to our LEAD interviewer Janel Spiegel
Janel Spiegel


Todd Martin

– Actors, authors, scream queens, directors, filmmakers or related contact either interviewer

– Ghost Hunters, supernatural, metaphysics, UFO subject matter
– Wrestling, WWF, wrestler talents

(please contact Mike Joy our resident columnist in this area)


  1. You contacted us through Twitter and asked me to get in touch with you regarding our show Surviving the Undead Season 1. Let me know what you need from me for either a write up or an interview.
    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
    Todd E. Braley
    Surviving the Undead Seasons 1 & 2

  2. Jake Mulliken

    My first Zombie feature, Meltdown, was just released internationally through Gravitas Ventures and I am interested in a review. What steps do I need to take? Thank you.

  3. Looking to get ahold of the lady in the bunny fame

  4. I am DustyRoadz I design create and build various pieces of what I horror art I have a small business called DustyRoadz designs we design build and create custom Halloween props and backdrops as well as various other pieces of work of horror


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