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Gambling with Ghosts: the most Haunted Casinos in the World

The trend of urban exploration has become increasingly popular in the past few years with intrepid thrill seekers exploring abandoned structures in search of ghosts and ghouls. Abandoned Hospitals and old asylums are the Holy Grail for ghost hunters, but there’s another place that hosts spooky spiritual guests – casinos. In this article explore an old abandoned casino, some of …

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Gunpowder & Sky’s SUMMER OF 84 by RKSS (Turbo Kid)

Gunpowder & Sky’s SUMMER OF 84 (You may be familiar with the classic, TURBO KID.) brings you this exciting new film. If you have followed old-school horror and slasher films. You will definitely enjoy this film. The film is written by: Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith. It is directed by RKSS: Anouk Whissell, Francois Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell. “Even serial …

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The Most Horrifying Opening Scenes (You Should Totally See!)

Stabbings. Stranglings. Ghastly dolls. Anxiety-fueled phone calls. Bludgeonings. Chases. Unseen terrors. There’s no single recipe to cook up a horrifying opening scene. Some tease you with scares before blasting you with the horror. Others gut punch you with the horror right away. The greatest opening scenes do have one thing in common. They make a promise to the viewer. This …

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This Is the Most Popular Scheme on Winning in Online Casinos

The ultimate goal of gambling at online casinos has always been to take home the winnings. However, since most of the games rely on mathematical probabilities rather skill, it is impossible to control the outcome of the game. Different gamers reference the possibility of winning from many spectra. For instance, there are those who believe in superstition. The Chinese especially, …

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Online Games for Horror Fans

If you hear the word “gaming” and immediately think of teenagers hunched over consoles and battling dragons on-screen for hours on end, think again. The smartphone era has made gamers of all of us. In fact, according to industry studies, the mobile gaming industry is worth around $50 billion per year. It’s not just the size of the market that …

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