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Halloween III: Season of Meaning

Doctors rarely become involved with their patients’ personal lives, much less become amateur detectives to solve a mystery surrounding a strange patient. Little prompting turns Dr. Dan Challis into an amateur detective. The doctor puts his personal struggles and demons aside to solve a murder. Maybe the philosopher Victor Frankl was right when he said, “An abnormal reaction to an …

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The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers: The Most Underrated Horror Villain?

We can name a number of films that deserve a spot in the annals of horror history, including Carrie, The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and Cannibal Holocaust, among others. It’s impossible to ignore the notorious legacies that these films have left behind, but what makes a truly memorable horror flick are the characters that comprise their respective universes.

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