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10 Great Horror Movies Not on Blu ray (We’d Love to See Shout Factory Release!)

Welcome horror fans to our top recommended list of great horror films that SHOULD be on blu ray. We realize that keeping this to 10, was a struggle, however the list still represents 10 films that aren’t on high resolution yet!!??. I do welcome readers to comment more below in the hope that distributors read this piece and are ambitious …

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Film Review: Annabelle Creation

Rate This Movie With the upcoming release of the new Annabelle movie, what about we dig in on the last installment of the most famous doll in the horror flicks? Oh wait, that’s Chucky. So… second famous? No, that might be Chucky’s Bride, Tiffany. Third? Anyway, a doll-maker named Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther had a daughter named Annabelle, …

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Horror Hosts: Dr. Gangrene

Gather around one and all, Plant yourself in front of the boob-tube for some of your favorite horror treasures. I used to love watching scary movies as a kid. Even better, I used to love it when someone hosted those movies and talked a bit about them and took you through each commercial breaks. Those were the times. Now, most …

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Must-Watch Casino Movies

Casino movies have always been a big, fun part of the fil industry. The thrill of watching someone winning millions and millions of dollars, or pulling some legendary heist in middle of Las Vegas, has always been irreplaceable. The thematic has always been popular and demanded by viewers. From comedy movies like The Hangover, to heists like the Ocean’s franchise, …

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