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CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Exam: Is It Worth It and Are Practice Tests Helpful?

Getting certified may simply be a validation of your skills―but not if you get certified by CompTIA. As one of IT’s leading certification bodies, it’s hard to discredit CompTIA’s worldwide recognition. Year after year, this top-notch organization revamps its certification track to guarantee updated incorporation of knowledge and skills to thousands of interested CompTIA exam candidates.

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Using Movies to Increase Students` Learning

The development of technology has enabled education to transcend the traditional methods of teaching and learning. Students can use technology to access materials easily and find more data on particular topics with ease. Gone are the days when imparting learners using technology seemed a distant dream. In the contemporary leaning age, instructors can use movies as a tool to impart …

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Introduction to Japanese Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is an offshoot of science fiction, usually set in a dystopian future with a focus on “low life-high tech”; advanced technology in contrast with dire living conditions, pollution and social disorder. The genre has it’s beginning in the 1960’s and 1970’s with authors like Phillip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny and J. G. Ballard taking science fiction to darker paths …

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What Do Movie Actors Smoke?

Smoking is a disgusting, terrible habit. There is no reason why you should be smoking. With PSA aside, smoking doesn’t look amazing in movies. But, is burning in film real? TheCaptainCaptain, a Reddit user, asked the Explain Like I’m Five Community this question; “Do movie actors smoke, or is it some form of a trick?” The answer is straightforward. Yes, …

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