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Why Horror Has Become So Popular in Entertainment (from Films to Slots)

Source: Wired Horror is arguably the most exciting and certainly the most thrilling genre of fiction. However, until recently, many wrote it off as formulaic and primitive. They cannot do so anymore – over the last decade, horror has become one of the most fruitful and admired genres both across different media. This shift is curious but quite explainable – …

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The Two Best ways to unlock more Horror Titles on Netflix

Sometimes it’s easy to think that you’ve exhausted all the best horror movies on Netflix. However, this is most likely not the case as Netflix has thousands of horror movies and TV Shows that include Anime Horror, B-Horror, Cult Horror, Slasher, Supernatural, and so much more. Unfortunately, all these movies and TV shows can’t be accessed from a single library, …

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Morbid Innovator: How Grant Morrison Made a Place for the Macabre in Batman and Comic Book History

Undoubtedly, Bruce Wayne/Batman has undergone the most drastic change throughout his illustrious and brooding history of perhaps any other major comic book character. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger for the March, 1939 issue of Detective Comics, Batman was all but destined for fame as a morose, gothic, morally-ambiguous figure- an image that wouldn’t be fully realized until the …

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Too Much Horror Business! – The Impact of Horror on Rock Music

Since its inception as a veritable facet of culture, horror has left its macabre imprint on just about every conceivable art form, from painting to sculpture to literature to film. Even classical composers like J.S. Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Béla Bartók, and Richard Wagner used horror as a basis for their work: images of Hell and damnation, Armageddon, …

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My Top Science Fiction Action Films

My novel Scorpius Rex is an homage to all those spectacular films that successfully combined classic science fiction concepts with slam bang action adventure. Being a genre aficionado, I wanted to share a list of my favorites. These are NOT presented in order of merit. Trust me, you’re guaranteed a great evening with any of these adrenaline-fueled classics.

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Top Christmas Slasher Films of All Time

Christmas. One of the most polarizing holidays of the year, with many loving the festivities and many hating their mere existence. What we can agree upon is that Christmas is an excellent opportunity for special holiday-themed horror movies. The art of the Christmas slasher is a complicated one, with filmmakers trying to create a balance between comedy, festivity and horror …

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