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Interview: Barbara Kingsley (Honeydew)

Actress Barbara Kingsley (Ticket Out, Jessica Jones) does an incredible job in the new film Honeydew. Honeydew was directed by Devereuax Milburn, and stars Barbara Kingsley, Sawyer Spielberg, Malin Barr, Stephen D’Ambrose, and Jamie Bradley. Kingsley has been a theatre actor and in this business for forty plus years. Check out the interview for Horrornews.net. Hi Barbara, I watched Honeydew, …

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Interview: Travis Stevens (Jakob’s Wife)

RLJE FILMS: SHUDDER Presents: JAKOB’S WIFE. Jakob’s Wife was directed by Travis Stevens and stars Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, Robert Rusler, and Bonnie Aarons. Travis spoke with Horrornews.net for an exclusive interview about Jakob’s Wife. JAKOB‘S WIFE is available in select theaters, on demand and digital April 16th. Anne is married to a small-town minister and feels like her life and marriage have been …

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Interview: PhasesLM (Out at Night)

“PhasesLM, aka Paula Boyd Sutor, is a groundbreaking, genre-bending, synth-centric artist making waves in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. A horror film buff and self-professed cat lady, Sutor was born in central Pennsylvania and discovered her love for music in her teens. She quickly found herself immersed in the world of entertainment, joining and forming a variety of …

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Interview with Dewayne Hill (The Discernment, The Book of Evil)

Magician Dewayne Hill talks with Horrornews.net about his new film, The Discernment, The Book of Evil. He discusses making the film, he offers up some excellent advice to current and future filmmakers. Dewayne Hill also revealed the film will have an October release, perfect for Halloween. Hill talks about filming The Discernment, The Book of Evil. He shot the film …

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Interview: Jesse Korman (Separation)

Writer/Director/Producer Jesse Korman’s Exclusive interview with Horrornews.net. Jesse Korman talks about his film, Separation, working on new music, how he started his incredible photography, and so much more.  Jesse has quite a few projects in the works. The new film, Separation will be in theatres on April 30, 2021. Jesse is the vocalist for the band, The Number 12 Looks …

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Interview: Microchip Terror

Microchip Terror from Singapore, took the time to do an interview with Horrornews.net. Microchip Terror’s music is this wild, surreal electronic music intertwines with Horror and Sci-Fi. It’s always so amazing to meet someone virtually through fellow writers. Music is such an important part of horror and life. Microchip Terror released a new album and he talks about the cyberpunk, …

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Interview: Jordyn DiNatale (The Birch)

Crypt TV has an exciting “supernatural horror series” called, The Birch. Jordyn DiNatale (The Irishman) talks about joining season two of The Birch and working with legendary Martin Scorsese, and more. Hello Jordyn, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview for Horrornews.net. How did you get involved with the series, The Birch?  Jordyn- It’s great to chat …

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Interview: Chris Thomas (Haymaker)

“Award-winning composer Chris Thomas promotes his work on the new horror film HAYMAKER, starring Nomi Ruiz and Zoe Bell, out now from Gravitas Ventures. Thomas is a composer for film, television, theme parks, and a TEDx speaker. He’s won a Hollywood Music in Media Award, Gold Medal Prize at the Park City Film Music Festival, Best Film & TV Music award at eWorld Music Awards, and …

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Interview: Angela DiMarco and Bill Oberst Jr. (The Parish)

I had the honor of talking to Actors Bill Oberst Jr. and Angela DiMarco. They star in The Parish together. The Parish was directed by David S. Hogan and written by Todd Downing. THE PARISH is available March 16, 2021 On Demand/DVD. “Angela DiMarco (Mr. Bleachers, “Grimm”), Sanae Loutsis (The Black String) and horror staple Bill Oberst Jr (3 From Hell, …

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