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Interview with Director Daniel Diosdado (The Nomad)  

    The winner for Best Producer at the LA Independent Film Festival  Awards 2022, The Nomad stars Lauren Biazzo (Law & Order: SVU,  Abuse of Power), Dietrich Teschner (Blue Bloods, Quantico), Vanessa  Calderón (Center of The Room, The Wicked Path), Anthony Goss (Law  & Order: SVU, Blue Bloods), and is written and directed by  internationally awarded Daniel Diosdado.       Hi Daniel, how are you?  Daniel- I am good, how …

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Q&A: The Exorcist (1973) Movie

Movie: The Exorcist (1973) – Questions and Answers The next film in the unholy Hollywood trilogy comes from director William Friedkin, which incidentally celebrates its 45th anniversary in December, a film that still cares many, and leaves them wondering if the Demon/Satan won and the exorcism failed, well that question finds itself included as well as many others. Therefore, grab …

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Q&A: The Omen (1976) Movie – FAQ

Movie: The Omen (1976) – Questions and Answers (FAQ) This time, I concluded the unholy trilogy from Hollywood with The Omen, likely one of the most supposedly curse films surpassing the claims of The Exorcist and equaling that of Poltergeist. Director Richard Donner noted these incidents plaguing the production and the PR firms championed them during the production, however if …

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Q&A: The Shining (1980) Movie

First why The Shining, well, face it this movie contains so many theories and controversies, of which I researched and thought about the scope  of the possible solutions, in addition, Stanley Kubrick’s direction always intriguing and mesmerizing, and yet sometimes quite maddening to both cast and crew. However, some find that tyrannical method a major downfall, although, a director is …

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Q&A: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Movie: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – Questions and Answers This month is a discussion of Rosemary’s Baby, one of the three legendary films considered the unholy Hollywood trilogy, this film directed by Roman Polanski; it does not mention his crimes, rather only focusing on his movie. So why chose this film as the next Q&A in this series? The movie turns …

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Q&A: Psycho (1960)

Movie: Psycho (1960) – Questions and Answers WHERE DID THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT COME FROM? The initial concept came from the Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho (1960) inspired from the horrific crimes committed by serial killer Ed Gein, who murdered (to say it mildly) 40 women over a course of 10 years met with mixed reviews (which have changed, greatly to extremely …

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