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Kickstart Your Horror Funding (crowdfunding) Project – How to Get Featured?

Looking to get your Horror funding (Kickstarter, crowdfunding) exposure?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Horrornews.net gets literally 100’s of crowd funding requests every month. We understand the importance of your project PR getting posted (or even mentioned for that fact) let alone the top search engines rankings it will bring you.


Up until the posting of our new terms, we simply had to ignore alot of those requests due to lack of time to try and include them in addition to the new releases, press releases, reviews and articles. As you can guess, those tend to take priority due to Horror funding basically being a plea for investors. Yes, as harmless as they appear, kickstarter projects are still a form of advertising in advance of the project.

Keep all this in perspective to the 1000’s of other horror genre items we are approached with: (PR’s, film reviews, product reviews, company updates, talent posts, trailers, announcements………well you get the picture..)

So with that said, a solution was in order to set some sort of precedence in how we can accommodate the genre while still proving our resources in a timely manner that can still benefit you

We are now offering kickstarter features under the following new terms:

1- The requester agrees to “at least” take out 1 month of ad space on horrornews.net promoting your release
(pricing will be forwarded)

The requester of course is welcome to take out extended ad runs for as long as they like provided the ad space is still available

2- The requestor will be provided posting of their PR plus an ad that stays visible for 1 month
(your PR will stay on the site indefinitely)

Per the posting of your PR, you will also gain huge exposure thru our vast social media network.
Curious what that is? Go ahead and take a look here (Jump to the Marketing portion)

We feel this is a fair trade for the time investment on our part while also providing you with a well-trafficked advertisement (over 1/2 million views per month)

If this all sounds good then please contact us first at: advertising@horrornews.net
In your email please mention that you have reviewed our terms and that you are ready to move forward so we can get you ad pricing.