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How to Get Your Book or Comic Reviewed on (HNN) Horrornews.net?

Looking to get your Book, Comic or Graphic Novels reviewed and gain exposure?
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Horrornews.net gets literally 100’s of book, comic and graphic novel review requests every month. We understand the importance of your product being reviewed, (or even mentioned for that fact) let alone the top search engines rankings it will bring you upon search for the title.

(Note: Many books that get reviewed on Horrornews.net get top rankings, even at times exceeding Amazon.com!)

Up until the posting of our new terms, we simply had to ignore most of those requests due to lack of reviewers on staff that can “actually” take the time to sit down and read thru your 100-1000’s of pages of literary genius (or trash…depending on perspective). The book reviews that “do” get published are usually provided by a small handful of external book reviewers who literally pick and choose “which products” they want to read and write about. Though in the meantime, we are still inundated by authors and publishers with the requests (of which we simply cannot take the time to respond to on a consistent basis).


Keep all this in perspective to the 1000’s of other horror genre items we are approached with: (PR’s, film reviews, product reviews, company updates, talent posts, funding posts, trailers, announcements………well you get the picture..)

So with that said, a solution was in order to set some sort of precedence in how we review and take on books that require review. This seems to be the only way to reward those determined by also making it worth our time to move forward..

We are now offering book reviews under the following new terms:

1- A hard copy is mailed to the reviewer (pdfs “may” be considered if the reviewer accepts/or requests them – reviewer discretion).

2- The requestor agrees to “at least” take out 1 month of ad space on horrornews.net promoting your release (pricing will be forwarded)
The requestor of course is welcome to take out extended ad runs for as long as they like provided the ad space is still available

3- The requestor recognizes that reviewers are under no obligation to review your product in a positive or negative manner and that it will be reviewed unbiased accordingly. (Aka: your ad run does not warrant a guaranteed positive review)

4- These terms are limited to 1 title for review. You are welcome to request additional reviews based on additional ad runs
(1 review per 1 month of advertising)

We feel this is a fair trade for the time investment on our part while also providing you with a well-trafficked advertisement
(over 1/2 million views per month) AND a permanent book review on our site

We welcome film books, genre books, metaphysical books, crime books, art books, science fiction, mystery, thriller, genre humor, and of course all and everything Horror!

If this all sounds good then please contact us first at: advertising@horrornews.net
In your email please mention that you have reviewed our terms and that you are ready to move forward so we can get you ad pricing. After which we’ll provide information for the mailing of your product.