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Film Review: Flexing with Monty (2010)


Outrageously arrogant bodybuilder Monty (Trevor Goddard) relishes torturing his smart, sensitive gay brother, Bertin (Rudi Davis), with sexual taunts. But their bizarre routine is turned upside down one day when a Catholic nun (Sally Kirkland) arrives in search of donations for an unusual cause. Soon Monty and Bertin find their relationship in complete upheaval in this strange and twisted character study.


Directed by: John Albo
Written by: John Albo
Starring: Trevor Goddard, Rudi Davis, Sally Kirkland, Michelle Zeitlin, and Gwen Van Dam

According to John Albo’s official “Flexing with Monty” webpage, his stylistic venture into the cult classic genre took fourteen years to make. With this said, there is a lot that the viewer should expect when watching a movie that took that long to make. However, the viewer is satisfied with this gripping tale that divulges into religious tales and interesting characters that gives “Flexing with Monty” an interesting storyline with visually appealing artistry.

Monty(Trevor Goddard) is a workout obsessed macho-man that is self absorbed in being physically fit. He spends all of his time working out in a gym at his home, and does not give in to toxic substances, such as drugs or alcohol. His brother, Bertin(Rudi Davis), is a social outcast that is pious to his Catholic faith. Bertin also is getting ready to go off to college, in which Monty is avidly encouraging him to do. Bertin does not agree with Monty’s obsessive work out regimen, in which Monty believes that Bertin is homosexual. Monty is also narcissistic in nature, as he is shown having sex to a blow up doll while viewing pictures of himself on a projector.

Monty and Bertin disagree on many of religious and orientation viewpoints, as Monty is homophobic in nature. He puts out an ad in the male personals, and is immediately called by a homosexual man wanting to get laid. It becomes a trap when Monty goes over to the homosexual man’s (Mitch Hara) home, and Monty bashes on the gay man, antagonizing him until he kisses Monty’s shoe.

While Monty works out, Bertin answers the door to a Catholic nun(Sally Kirkland) that begs to speak to Monty about her cause. When Monty shrugs off the nun in disgust for her religious faith, the nun leaves a recipe with Bertin for a deadly chicken pot pie. Monty is visited by a prostitute (Michelle Zeitlin) that night, which turns out to be a birthday present from the nun, who teaches Monty a lesson in his degradation of humans by having the prostitute end their session of the tale of Adam’s first wife Lilith and the way she left Adam sexually depraved.
Bertin feeds Monty a piece of the chicken pot pie, and Monty falls to the ground convulsing in terror as he can feel his muscles being deflated.

The catholic nun returns, and curses at Monty as he is dying from the toxic vanilla extract that was put into the pie. Within this scene, devastating secrets are told and Monty dies as his spirit gets trapped in his giant erection. Bertin and the nun must figure a way of releasing Monty’s spirit, so that they can be forever released from his powerful demeanor.

“Flexing with Monty” is filled with religious symbolism, such as Monty referring to himself as a martyr and being willing to die for his strength and obsession with working out. Also the nun strips herself of all her clothes to show artistic depictions of sins pointed on her body. Bertin also has fantasies that he immaculately concepts his mother, and his evil grandmother aborts the fetus not letting Bertin ever see his mother. Bertin has a pet that he keeps in a cage, which is referred to as Cutesie Thing (Manny Gates), and confides in the caged man when he is bothered by Monty’s behavior. The hype that surrounded the movie in the long time it took it to release was due to its main character (Goddard) and main producer passing away during the shoot. Goddard’s character is also killed off in the end of the movie, and given a ritual to release his soul from his body.

John Albo’s “Flexing with Monty” is a dark comedy that tells the tale of deep dark secrets that get hidden deep within us. With visually appealing sets and brilliant dialogue, the movie is a must see for cult aficionados, and a good tribute to Goddard’s last and only starring role in a film.

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