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Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium S-Z

The last of our list rounding off a smattering of sick and repulsively get under your skin films for underground horror enthusiasts. Titles will get added as discovered.


S&MAN (2006) – J.T. Petty
SADISTICUM (2008) – Sebastian Radtke
SALO: 120 DAYS OF SODOM (1975) – Pier Paolo Pasolini
SANDIK (THE CHEST) (SHORT FILM) (2007) – Can Evrenol
SAW (2004) – James Wan
SAW II (2005) – Darren Lynn Bousman
SAW III (2006) –  Darren Lynn Bousman
SAW IV (2007) – Darren Lynn Bousman
SAW V (2008) –  David Hackl
SAW VI (2009) – Kevin Greutert
SAW VII (SAW 3D: The Final Chapter) (2010) – Kevin Greutert
SCAR (SCAR 3D) (2007) – Jed Weintrob
SCHINDLER’S LIST (1993)- Steven Spielberg
SCRAPBOOK (2000) – Eric Stanze
SCHRAMM (1993) –  Jörg Buttgereit

SEED (2007) – Uwe Boll
SEED 2 – THE NEW BREED 92014) – Marcel Walz
SELLA TURCICA (2010) – Fred Vogel
SEXANDROIDE (1987) – Michel Ricaud
SICK GIRL (2007) – Eben McGarr
SICK-O-PATHICS (1996) – Brigida Costa
SINGAPORE SLING (1990) – Nikos Nikolaidis
SLAUGHTER NIGHT (SL8N8) 2006) – Frank van Geloven, Edwin Visser
SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS (2006) – Lucifer Valentine
SLOPPY THE PSYCHOTIC (2012) – Mike O’Mahony
SLOW TORTURE PUKE CHAMBER (2010) – Lucifer Valentine
SNUFF (1976) – Michael Findlay
SNUFF 102 (2007) – Mariano Peralta
SNUFF MOVIE (2005) – Bernard Rose
SNUFF PERVERSIONS (Snuff Perversions: Bizarre Cases of Death ) (1999) –  D.J. Kary, Marcus Koch
SODOMA (SHORT FILM) (1969)  – Otto Muehl
SODOMANIAC (2015) – Anthony Catanese
SOMEONE DOWN THERE LIKES ME  (Nekdo tam dole me má rád) (2009) – Roman Vojkuvka
SOZINHO (from the anthology “3 CORTES” (SHORT FILM) (2006) – André ZP
SPACESHIP TERROR (2011) – Harry Tchinski
STETHOSCOPE (SHORT FILM) (2001) – Kenneth Thomas
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (2008) – Ryan Cavalline
STOIC (2009) – Uwe Boll
SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY (2000) – Karim Hussain / Mitch Davis
SXXX-80 (SHORT FILM) (1980) – Monte Cazazza
SUMMER OF MASSACRE, THE (2011) – Joe Castro
SWEET MOVIE (1974) – Dusan Makavejev
TAETER CITY (2012) – Giulio De Santi
TAINT, THE (2010) – Drew Bolduc, Dan Nelson
TEARS OF KALI (2004) – Andreas Marschall
TERROR FIRMER (1999)  – Lloyd Kaufman
TERROR NATION (2010) – Shane Mather
TESIS (1996) – Alejandro Amenábar
THANATOMORPHOSE (2012)- Éric Falardeau
THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE (They Call Her One Eye, Hooker’s Revenge) (1973) – Bo Arne Vibenius
TOOLBOX MURDERS, THE (2004) – Tobe Hooper
TORCHED (2004) – Ryan Nicholson
TORTURA (2008) – Michael Effenberger
TORTURE ROOM (2007) – Eric Forsberg
TORTURER, THE (2005) – Lamberto Bava
TORTURER, THE (FORCE DRIFT) (2008) – Graham Green
TOUCH OF DEATH (1988) – Lucio Fulci
TUBERKULOSE – (Absurd Produktion) (2007) – Maik Ude
UH OH SHOW!, THE (2009) – Herschell Gordon Lewis
UBALDO TERZANI HORROR SHOW (2010) – Gabriele Albanesi
UNRATED THE MOVIE (2009) – Timo Rose, Andreas Schnaas

URBAN FLESH (1999) – Alexandre Michaud

VIOLENT SHIT 1 (Maniac 2001: Violent Shit) (1989) – Andreas Schnaas
VIOLENT SHIT 2 (Mother Hold My Hand) (1992) – Andreas Schnaas
VIOLENT SHIT 3 (Infantry of Doom) (Zombie Doom) (1999) – Andreas Schnaas
VIOLENT SHIT 4 (KARL THE BUTCHER VS AXE) (2010) – Timo Rose, Andreas Schnaas
VULGAR (2000) – Bryan Johnson
WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE (2012) – Jimmy ScreamerClauz
WIZARD OF GORE, THE (1970) – Herschell Gordon Lewis
WHITE LIE, THE (SHORT FILM) (part of “The Brightside Trilogy”) (2007) – Ron DeCaro
WOMAN, THE (2011) – Lucky McKee
WOUND (2010) – David Blyth
ZAHRADNIK (The Gardener) (2006) – Marcel Bystron
ZOMBIE ’90: EXTREME PESTILENCE (1991) – Andreas Schnaas
ZOMBIE BABIES (2011) – Eamon Hardiman
ZOMBIEGORE (2003) – Maarten van Druten
ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (Dr. Butcher M.D.) (1980) – Marino Girolami


Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium A-D
Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium E-K
Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium L-R



Title missing? We want to hear from you! Comment below and we’ll check it out to add to list

Note: This list represents additional selections that were chosen for their content. The extreme content varies in each whether that means gore, rape, incest, violence or other (in other words, they are not equally disturbing for the same reasons). They were chosen due to their special qualities that puts them in a more isolated class than straight horror genre releases. We don’t condone the actions being illustrated in some of these, but rather are calling them out  for what they are (which is also fiction for that matter, and not real life!!!)

Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium S-Z

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  1. i am just wondering movie the header image is from

    …so i can avoid it

  2. Hugo Hackenbush

    Taxidermia! for sure….

  3. it’s The Summer of Massacre 2011

  4. It’s from The Summer of Massacre 2011 evidently

    • The Summer of Massacre is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s so insane and fx driven that it stands on its own as a must see piece. Besides its guiness book of worlds records agenda, I was attracted to it due to the “way” they incorporated fx. An overlay technique was used that is quite unlike other films i’ve seen. Receiving this movie as a screener, I immediately ordered a bluray version….. thats it, thats my take on it.

  5. Check “Mountain of the Cannibal God (aka pig f * ckin movie with cannibals )
    And ” Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals “

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