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Film Review: Sandik (The Chest) (short film) (2007)


Freakish blitzkrieg that opens with a young boy terrorizing villagers with a mysterious chest and closes with one of the most spectacularly outlandish set pieces you’ll see anywhere this year!”


Sandik (translated as “The Chest) is a nasty 6 minute short film by Can Evrenol which breaks the mold for bad taste. While seeing a gory short or 2 is becoming (unfortunately) quite common in the world of extreme cinema (ok, well depending on your perspective of interest that is…), you don’t often see an infant being used in the premise.

A young boy walking down the street pulls a curiously covered wagon and chest behind him. As he walks up to a family enjoying their outdoors, he reveals a baby, who he holds up in the air. Now this would all seem harmless enough if it weren’t for the fact that right after he proceeds to mutilate and crush the skull of this infant in front to them. The FX are over the top and extended far more than reality would deem, though it’s that mental scar that I think sticks with you. The family is seen puking, eyes bleeding, convulsing and reacting to this mesh of flesh and blood that is being presented to them. The shots are shot to be reactive with each quickly moving to the next in a collage of chaos.

While most viewers will roll their eyes at the fake baby body this child holds up (now missing a head), it’s all meant to be subjetcive to the fact that you are watching a film with this kind of motive being enacted on screen

In summary, “Sandik” doesn’t offer anything to the effect of purpose. Angry kid maybe? infant extermination? I’m not sure (if there was a purpose) that it’s clear at all. The segment reminded me of something you might see added to a death metal music video to pump up the visual impact. Can Evrenol has created a small shock piece for those who seek shock, nothing more. Visual FX were cheap, but effective for the intended impact.

Well, of course we all prefer intended fiction than seeing the real thing. Perhaps “that” simple factor “is” the purpose here?

Sandik (The Chest) (short film) (2007)

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