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Film Review: Someone Down There Likes Me | Nekdo tam dole me má rád (2009)

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Confined to a wheelchair, Otto prays and prays for an opportunity for revenge. To go after the men who raped and murder his wife and daughter infront of his very eyes. His prayers will soon be answered but not from the Almighty, rather from a friend down below.


This one comes off a suggestion list for depraved movies. With a film company titled “Scum Films” behind it, I figured I was in the right sandbox. Of course the version I got was subtitled and called by its Czech Republic name of “Nekdo tam dole me má rád” (also credited this way in IMDB). Though US audiences are probably more likely to find it under its easier title of “Someone Down There Likes Me”

Often in these types of films, you expect a certain level of cruelty to back up its reputation. In “Someone Down There Likes Me”, Otto, a family-orientated church-going man enjoys a polite dinner at home with his wife and daughter. Afterwards he heads down to the local chapel to give thanks with a few prayers for good intentions. It appears that perhaps God wasn’t listening this night as he heads back home down the dark neighborhood street and is robbed by a street thug. The thieving is the least of his worries, as the metal pipe comes crashing down on his neck.

Cut to present day as Otto sits motionless (paraplegic) in a chair. Left paralyzed, he is only able to move his eyes while speech, motion and eating is completely severed from his existence. His wife Magda is left to take care of him in his catatonic state but hates everything about what her life has become. Out of total inconsideration she brings back men every night to the house to have sex with them in the next room while her husband can only gaze in spite.

Otto requires 24 hour care, which includes a daily wash and diaper change. Magda however, has gotten to a point of self destruction trapped within her own personal hell that only drives things into the worst.

Otto’ s daughter remains caring, concerned, doing what she can to visit and read to her motionless father. Otto can only react with his eyes of which even without body use manages to communicate on “some” level.

Things take a turn for the worst when a group of guys from the local tavern follow Magda home assaulting the entire family. The mother, and daughter are beaten and raped in front to Otto who is forced to observe unable to aid in any way whatsoever. The 2 are left for dead while paralyzed Otto is left to suffer.

Now this represents what I’m calling the first half of the movie. As everything begins to change from a total victimization premise into a revenge exploitation movie. As Otto dwindles away, his call is heard. Though not the one he formally prayed to everyday but a rather down to earth somewhat enjoyable devil who more resemble the buddy next door than a vermin of the underworld. He convinces Otto to sign a contract in exchange for full rotation and revenge. Well at least for Otto, that is. This gives our once immobile victim a chance to inflict whatever tortures he can summon upon the 3 that caused the death of his family. Otto takes the bait and the fun begins. Each one of the perpetrators are provided bound and chained within a room sporting various cutlery and tools. Otto takes full advantage to make “each” scream as he inflicts the worse upon them.

In summary, this film is actually quite good for a underground movie. It does get into some brutal tortures and alot of stabbing which on the most part are x-rated violence scenes. I believe though in the movement of films in the last few years that there is a certain amount of this that we’ve numbed ourselves to. We can take a cue from theatre films like Hostel, which use a few of the techniques. The ones in this film head down similar paths with just more of it. I enjoyed the “devil comes to the aid” angle of which I didn’t really see coming at first. The devil injects a certain dark humor into the movie that reminds you more of a Zach Galifianakis type character.

Roman Vojkuvka has done a pretty decent job at really invoking emotional connection to the leading character. As by the time he gets to the violence, we have shared his pain. Someone Down There Likes Me ha sits moments, though they are not “AS” over the top as most from the underground gore league of German releases. In fact if that’s all you are after, you’ll get your fill but just less than usual. It’s still a bit too hardcore for consumers so take note. Production-wise it does live within the low budget range which was not really a distraction for me.

Note: There was a little confusion for me on the names listed and the names mentioned in the film…just in case those parts of the review don’t line up.

Someone Down There Likes Me | Nekdo tam dole me má rád (2009)

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