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Film Review: Zahradník (The Gardener) (2006)


Zahradník so far has eluded us for review. While this title is listed among our Extreme films, it is truly among the hand full of films that no apparent means to view it. Normally we would just exclude the title from our lists altogether, however there does exist a few photos and a single trailer for the release. So in the interest of keeping our information base up to date, we’ll give ya what we got so far…..
(review to be updated in the future)

Zahradník-The-Gardener-2006-movie-Marcel-Bystron-(1) Zahradník-The-Gardener-2006-movie-Marcel-Bystron-(7) Zahradník-The-Gardener-2006-movie-Marcel-Bystron-(6)

“A horror story complete with interactive elements that allow the audience to determine the outcome. A group of seven young people go to an all-night bash on lake-front property. At dawn the following morning, they get the idea to take a yacht and go swimming on a far-away shore. When one of the girls goes missing, a widespread panic breaks out as they attempt save themselves. Something in the forest will not let them escape alive…

An interactive horror film version of 36 choice happening, actors and levels of brutality!”

Zahradník (translated as “The Gardener“) was completed in 2006 under the direction of Marcel Bystron. The movie was filmed in the Czech Republic and runs for 71 minutes. Of its small handful of reviews it was noted as being extremely poor, noting bad acting, a shallow plot line, and containing confusing fragmented sequences. Beyond the movie’s apparent use of extreme fx, it is not expected to really offer much more to viewers.

Marcel Bistro has also directed “Born Into Sh*t” and the 2001 release “Cabriolet”


If the film makers of this release would like to see a more elaborate review, we do invite them to contact us directly

You can view the original trailer for  Zahradník (The Gardener) (2006) here

Zahradník-The-Gardener-2006-movie-Marcel-Bystron-(3) Zahradník-The-Gardener-2006-movie-Marcel-Bystron-(2)

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