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Film Review: Taeter City (2012)


In Taeter City everything is managed by the iron fist of dictatorship members: THE AUTORITY. They use a special radio wave system called Zeed that lets them distinguish criminals from typical law abiding citizens. These special radio waves alter the demented brain of criminals, forcing them to commit suicide in horrible ways. A special police corps called The Biker’s retrieves their corpses and delivers them to massive slaughterhouses. These supply the mega fast food chains with the human flesh products they need to feed the masses, non-stop. Here there are no criminals, no crimes, no riots, no crisis… until now. The Zeed system is no longer functioning the way it is supposed to: the criminals are no longer killing themselves; the radio waves are making them stronger! Follow the crazy mission of three Biker officers (Razor, Shock and Wank) charged with managing this chaotic situation. We give you: an 80’s movie vibe, insane technology, manga style, crazy action, adrenaline, violence, blood, blood and again blood. A new Splatter Sci-Fi genre has risen!


Welcome back to another extreme session of gorefest delights. You might remember my praise for the ultra violent and visual film “Adam Chaplin” from the team at Necrostorm. Well they have been quite busy with a new delight in the form of “Taeter city”. “Taeter City” is the name for a fast food chain that is set in this futuristic reality of our society. The days of riots, crime, crisis, and criminals are over, due to a new system put into place. The system is called the “Zeed system” that recognizes the criminals or “future criminals” from the rest of the society using radio wave technology (BORSI)that locates those who have a special section of the brain (alpha deformation) that was determined to trigger these violent outbursts. Under the laws of the “Authority”, the nation is policed by a member-only dictatorship that employs biker police enforcements supporting cannibalism thru the feeding of the masses thru executed criminals.

The Authority is now able to track down these future offenders for execution and destruction on site (or torture them into submission) all for the name of delivering their bloody carcasses to a fast food chain called “Taeter City”. Now Taeter City works much like a monopolized Burger King franchise using humans for re-consumption (and into burger patties). The way of life has adjusted with a new laws being set that those who kill animals will be tortured and executed (also being made into food for the masses). In one instance, an offender is subjected to a “twist until he collapses” death using wrist and face chains. Nasty ass stuff! Though on the whole, it was determined that animal mutlation was deemed bad for the community.

It’s really an extreme hard core tribute to films like “Soylent Green” but with bloodshed, guts and chaos coming at you full force just about every seconds. Those who consider themselves gore hounds, might even get a new experience here as this film is thick in gore and dismemberment. So much that you wonder how the team kept up with all the special effects shots needed for this. It’s so over the top that I truly loved it for its excessive B-stylings “wrapped under science fiction” blanket. The DVd boats an 80’s vibe which truly send us back by forgetting the pretensions and just going for it. Scenes bounce from splattering brains, ripping open guts, smashing heads, eyes popping out, ripping off body parts, decaying infected and just about everything you can imagine in this ultra violent world. The bikers seems to possess a weapon of sorts that enable them to simply wave their hands in the air and slice thru offenders like butter. This proves to be most effective when some of the offenders begin to mutate creating a form of acid mouth drooling.

The film is broken up into sections that introduce parts of the city while sometimes being interrupted by a crazy on air host named Caronte. The conflict of this film comes when one of the citizens is found to posses an ability that keeps him off the radar, with the Zeed system failing produce the results it does in others. In fact it has mutated his lungs and seems to have produced waves only inducing more aggression. This man, Trevor Covalsky possesses a sonic scream that triggers an effect previously introduced only by radio waves. It causes others to mutate and become suicidal culminating into their transformation of pure killing machines.

We follow the missions of 3 bikers (Razor, Shock, and Wank) who take us thru this ultra violent way of life that has them smashing heads with frequent enjoyment. In between we catch glimpses of crazy cheesy commercials, sensationalistic advertising and a general monopoly of the food chain. The soundtrack rocks with a firm helping of industrial backings (which is also included in the extras).


The film was directed by Giulio De Santi using the talents of the Necrostorm crew. You should probably book mark this link as it seems to be the only way to acquire these films directly (you can also order it in special edition form which includes a Taeter City hat. postcards, poster, id card and what not).

Taeter City” rocks you world with complete excess and splatter. You can’t say your a gore hound till you took a bite of Taeter City’s nasty exploits. Simply enough, Taeter City reinvents the meaning of bad-ass!

Taeter City (2012)

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