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Film Review: Total Fury (short film) (2007)


An unscrupulous boy lures a girl into the woods. Where’s Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him the most?


Old flames, A young girl from a boarding school background and a boy who professes being the top salesperson at his telemarketing company go for a stroll in the woods. As a charming conversation ensues, the girl is knocked out cold by the boy who “appears” to be leaning in for a kiss.

The girl wakes up fastened to a chair in a sterile plastic hung environment without reason or cause. A group wearing gas masks begin to saw her flesh off in various portions while they dine upon the newly sliced meat. Curious? You betcha!

Now with one good eye left to see her captors she breaks free into a frenzy that sends her fists flying thru their skulls and insides. It’s a gory display of crazy revenge-driven madness that runs full course on practical FX and a sense is suspended disbelief. Our kitty has been freed and seems to be able to rip bodies in 2 without a second thought. Heads twist, spines separate, skulls pop, and chests give away to her fast reflexes which seem to be powered by a “pulsating fist” of some kind.

More from the same team at RKSS.tv with another fine edgy dandy to throw at you. You got to love these guys fascination with shoving guns into ones head and firing off a few rounds. “Total Fury” is a pure all out 12 minute slaughter fest that inspires from some of the more wacky extreme Asian Gore styles we have grown to love.

RKSS.tv loves their gory bits and caved in faces to the delight of gore hounds and extreme horror watchers. Total fury is one of the better creations from the RKSS.tv team and of course recommended that you check out.

Total Fury (short film) (2007)

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