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As HorrorNews.net evolves with new radio shows for our readers, we wanted to provide a place where listeners could easily re-call old shows past and present (in case you missed a posting). It is our goal to continue to provide quality podcast shows that not only fit within our genre, but provide entertainment that puts a voice to our madness. Stay tuned as our talented team digs up new and happening radio shows ..just for you!

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Monster Movie Podcast Corpse-Podcast
Monster Movie Podcast

Doc Rotten
Thomas Mariani


Celebrate monsters from the movies with Doc Rotten and Thomas on the Monster Movie Podcast. Each week Doc and Thomas review the latest theatrical and VOD releases and preview trailers for upcoming monster films. Being a fan of horror films for decades, Doc Rotten brings years of experience to the podcast from Universal films, to Hammer films and the slasher films of the 80’s. Thomas brings a youthful look at monster movies with a hipster, modern approach to the genre. Old school meets new school when Doc and Thomas tackle the latest and greatest monster movies. Catch the Monster Movie Podcast each week and share your favorite monsters in horror, sci-fi and fantasy.


Evolution of the Apocalypse:

Mike Caldwell
Matt Tolson


Evolution of the Apocalypse podcast started as a way for Mike and Matt to express their love for all things zombie, gore, horror and survival in the apocalypse. Mike has spent his whole life outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival techniques. Matt has a excellent horror and gore movie collection and also spent time in the outdoors. As far as their love for beer goes. Well if its craft brewed and full of hops, these guys drink it up! The EOTA podcast started when they were sitting in a bar talking and decided that they had to get these thoughts out to the public. So in short you mix survival, beer and any kind of zombie or horror film and you have the Evolution of the Apocalypse podcast. Saving the world one podcast at a time!


Corpse Cast:

Mike Cadaver
Shane Diablo


From behind the Zion Curtian in Salt Lake City comes the world’s most horrific podcast dedicated to horror or hard-edged related music as well as horror and exploitation films both new and old. Join Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo talk about the best, and worst in horror in the way only they can. Check your good manners and class at the door, then sit back and enjoy!



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7 Responses to Horror Podcasts

  1. Michael says:

    This was my first HN podcast and I wanted to say I really dug it and am definitely coming back. Ps. I’m the bald cross-dresser. Thanks for the review.

  2. RIGHONFIRE says:

    I love your podcast but I do have to ask, what is the point of Vixen being on the show? She hasn’t seen staple horror or genre movies like Evil Dead, Starship Troopers and the original Oldboy, and constantly talks about covering her eyes at “scary” parts.

  3. The Black Saint says:

    Vixen (The voice of reason) might not be as well versed as we are in terms of what films she’s seen but she offers a unique perspective on every film we talk about.

    Plus she’s way cool.

    And to be honest with you, I cover my eyes at the movies every so often (It’s our secret so don’t tell anyone).

    Thanks for listening RIGHONFIRE, tell your friends and keep on listening. The best is yet to come!

  4. Lucas Calhoun says:

    Love the show. Just hard to find the old podcasts on stitcher are you guys going to do more 80’s stuff

  5. The Black Saint says:

    Lucas, look for our podcasts on the Horror News Radio mobile app! Search Horror News Radio on iTunes and HNR on Google Play. -Doc

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