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The 5th Annual Women in Horror and Film Conversation Celebration Lineup on Horror Happens Radio Starts Tuesday January 30th

The “5th Annual Women in Horror and Film Conversation Celebration” Lineup on HORROR HAPPENS RADIO Starts Tuesday January 30th

Blairstown, NJ – Marking their 5th year of “Rondo Hatton” Award nominated horror talk radio, THE HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW returns for a five-week set of programming celebrating and focusing on guest conversations with more than twenty first time women of the genre and film to the critically acclaimed radio program. Jay Kay and The Ghost’s lineup will be as diverse and incredible as they welcome women filmmakers, performers, writers, festival programmers, entertainers, models, PR, producers, composers, artists and educators.

“We are proud each year to give opportunity during this special time to honor these women of the genre on the airwaves. We have always opened our bunker doors to those who want to discuss their lives and work!” – Jay Kay (Host and Producer of HORROR HAPPENS RADIO)

Running for five Tues in a row EST (January 30 and February 6, 13, 20, 27) from 3-7 PM on HomeGrownRadioNJ.org, this year’s grouping will again focus on a wide range of topics, experiences and projects. In the show’s history, this will also mark nearly a 150 first time female guests during the annual event of “Women in Horror and Film Conversational Celebration” to go along with the countless incredible women of the genre that have been a part of radio broadcasts for nearly six years, as part of the over 1200 guests total and now over 250 episodes. Jay Kay has been working as a moderator, judge, organizer for the radio program’s film events, the “Ax Wound Film Festival”, “Etheria Film Night”, “Female Eye Film Festival”, “The Women in Horror Film Festival.”

More more info, please head over to Facebook and on Twitter @HorrorHappensRS for show times and the current lineups. Also, check out previous “Women in Horror and Film Conversational Celebration” content at HorrorHappens.com

The “5th Annual “Women in Horror and Film Conversational Celebration” Lineup includes (The lineup and schedule may change without notice):

January 30th: Actress Nicki Micheaux (Lowlife) & Musician Anna Coogan

Feb 6th: Actress Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes & Midnighters), Actress and writer Leah McKendrick (MFA The Movie) & “Women in Horror Month” PSA Filmmakers Jamie DeWolf (The Invoking 2) / Filmmakers Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell) and Actress/Writer Debra Sullivan (Texas Chainsaw 3D) / Michelle Nessk (Actor/FX Artist/Model/Filmmaker/Writer/Owner of The Blood Shed)

Feb 13th: Writer/Contributor/Educator Alison Lang Rue Morgue’s “Women with Guts: Horror Heroines in Film, TV and Print,” Actress Sarah Cuccio – Schoofs (Gut as Lily, Phobia, Theresa & Alison, In Furs, Black Wake), The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival Film Programmer Carolyn Mauricette, Fantastic Fest / SXSW Programmer Logan Ann Taylor & Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival Christine Parker

Feb 20th: Filmmaker Issa López (Tigers Are Not Afraid), Emma Dark (Filmmaker, Model, Actress, Writer and Actress, Zoë Rose (Writer, PR (Charismata), Lauren “Danger” Brunswick (Writer/Director/Producer Top Knot Detective), Lisa Pearl (Actress, Artist, President of MAX MILLIONZ ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES, CANNON, Talent acquisition/guest host: 2Bawards.com, Plus LISA PEARL LIVE is on CITYWORLDRADIO.com and BINGEnetworks .tv.)

Feb 27th: Showrunner and Filmmaker Vera Miao (Stage 13 Two Sentence Horror Stories), Filmmaker Carol Ritter Conley (Penitence), Filmmaker Clarissa Jacobson (Lunch Ladies), Audre’s Revenge Film Production Filmmaker Monika Estrella Negra, Ruin Me Composer Holly Amber Church (50 titles including Devils Dolls/Clowntown/Rites of spring) and Sound Engineer Josh Eckberg (A Perfect Getaway & Rites of Spring)

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