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Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast – Eps 22

Featuring House at the End of the Street, The Collection and Hollow

Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast Episode 22 – House at the End of the Street – The Collection – Hollow

Join Doc Rotten this week for Jennifer Lawrence facing Norman Bate’s long lost cousin; the return of 2009’s The Collector; and an avenging angel residing in an ancient tree hollow. This week we have a review of the latest theatrical release House at the End of the Street. Then we preview the trailer for the November release, The Collection followed by some listener feedback. And then we wrap things up with a VOD review of the UK found footage film Hollow.

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Up first is Doc’s review of Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot in House at the End of the Street. The film follows the psychological thriller formula made popular by the Hitchcock classic and other similar and familiar films. The film is perfect for its target teen to young-adult audience supported by a strong cast and a clever, if predictable, twist.

The trailer preview this week is Marcus Dunstan’s The Collection coming to theaters this November. It is a direct sequel to the often overlooked The Collector from 2009. Josh Stewart returns once again to face down the Collector’s elaborate traps and mazes this time hired by a millionaire to save his kidnapped daughter.

The Video-On-Demand review this week is Hollow, a found footage film from director Michael Axelgaard and writer Matthew Holt. The film is heavy on chills and thrills with a strong influence from granddaddy of all cinema verite films, The Blair Witch Project. Are two unsuspecting couples being hunted by a living tree, an avenging angel or something far worse?

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