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Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast – Eps 42

Eps 42 – Dark Skies – The Walking Dead – Spiders 3D

Welcome to the Monster Movie Podcast. Join us this week for Keri Russel facing alien abduction, Andrew Lincoln facing a mental breakdown during the zombie apocolypse & Patrick Muldoon facing a spider invasion…in 3D. This is episode 42 recorded February 23, 2013. Joining host Doc Rotten this week as guest-host is David Dreher, the lead news reporter for HorrorNews.Net. Doc and David tackle a pair of Sci-Fi monster madness with extra-terrestrial hi-jinks in Dark Skies and giant spiders from space in Spiders 3D. Between the reviews, the dastardly duo discuss AMC’s hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead.

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Up first is Dark Skies from Scott (Legion, Priest) Stewart starring Keri Russel, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo and Kadan Rockett. In the film, from the producers of Insidious andParanormal Activity, a family begins to experience what may be supernatural activity in their home. But the more they encounter the more it appears to be visitors from beyond. J.K. Simmons steps in to give them the skinny on The Grey preparing them for the final battle to save their children. Doc and David pitch the idea the film is far better than its dismal box office returns, but still not great.

Next up is a recap of the last two episodes of The Walking DeadHome and I Ain’t a Judas. Is Rick going crazy? Will Merle betray everyone around him, even his brother Daryl? Will Andrea take Carol’s advice? Doc and David rant about how the show is back on track and look to what future episodes may have in store.

Then, it’s time for Spiders 3D from director Tibor (The Gate, I, Madman and Ice Spiders) Takacs. Patrick (Starship Troopers) Muldoon, Christa (Drive Angry, Day of the Dead) Campbell and William (Aliens) Hope star. Doc and David both appreciate the film for its b-movie cheese-ball approach while agreeing, as a film, it may be a god-awful mess. Still the film beats most SyFy features to a pulp.

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  1. Doc & Dave made a great combo on this episode of Monster Movie Podcast! I’d like to hear Dave guest co-host again in the future.


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