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Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast – Eps 24

Interview with John Poliquin (Director – Grave Encounters 2)

Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast Episode 24 – Interview with John Poliquin (Director – Grave Encounters 2)

Welcome to the Monster Movie Podcast. This week we go ghost hunting at the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital and we face down a poltergeist haunting a family in their new apartment. Then we face our fears with an interview with director John Poliquin. This week monster host Doc Rotten reviews the VOD release of Grave Encounters 2 and Apartment 143 currently available on Netflix Instant Watch.

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But the top lining addition to this week’s episode is Doc’s interview with the director of Grave Encounters 2, John Poliquin. John dropped by to talk about his feature film directorial debut heading up the sequel to The Vicious Brothers’ cult hit, Grave Encounters. He talks about the influences of his music video career, practical versus CGI special effects, the woes of including a fire gag in a low budget horror film and spills some teases about the red door. Great stuff.

Then Doc reviews Grave Encounters 2 discussing its meta approach to the script, the appeal of found footage film and the return of Lance Preston. The original Grave Encounters made it onto Doc’s top 10 for 2011 list, will Grave Encounters 2 life up to the original’s appeal with is cast of student film makers filming a documentary on the event that transpired in the first film? You gotta listen to find out.

Doc closes the show with a review of the under-hyper, but over-achieving, found footage haunted house exorcism film, Apartment 143. The film is written by the director of recent films such as Buried and Red Lights, Rodrigo Cortes. The film is another example of a smartly constructed found footage film.

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