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Podcast: The Following Fan Podcast Eps 3 – Trust Me

In episode three of FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher lead you on a dark journey featuring  Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). The episode is full of twists, turns and plenty of shocking surprises, so many that it make trust a hard commodity to come by.

While season one of FOX’s hit television show, THE FOLLOWING, was certainly a strong debut, it seems that season two just might be something special, more than worthy of its own podcast. Your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher have certainly taken notice and feel discussion is a must. Join us this and every week as the host of FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING rundown the episode and offer insight into what the future may hold.

Episode three is a turning point for Joe Carroll as his attempt to hide unrecognized falls apart at the seams but he does manage to pick up a new acolyte at the end of the day.

Ryan and Lily seem destined to be together and not even the FBI is going to keep them apart much to the dismay of Mike Weston and company. Luke and Mark are still creepy and Emma joins the team when her old team takes a dive.

Surprises come fast and furious this week, so strap in and pay attention; you are not going to want to miss a second of the fun.

Dave’s “Plot hole of the week” almost ruins the episode for him and Doc once again rocks your world when he “Puts a name to the face” to one of the best new characters introduced in season two.

As always we want your feedback so drop us a line at docrotten@horrornewstv.com or dave@horrornewstv.com and we’ll talk next week as we continue to FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING.

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