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The Horror Happens Radio Show Announces Their 4th Annual “Women in Horror” Guest Lineup

With well over a 1000 guests and conversations in more than 200 episodes, THE HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW (http://horrorhappens.com) ushers in their 4th Annual “Women in Horror” Guests Conversations Series running for 7 weeks on http://hgrnj.org / HomeGrownRadioNJ. Over thirty diverse women of horror within film, writing, acting and more…. Join the show on the HomeGrownRadioNJ website or vis the TuneIn App for your mobile device. Keep posted on Jay Kay’s Facebook for updates and changes to lineup as the guests scheduled are tentative due to schedule.

Week 1: Tues January 31st – Staring at 4PM EST
425: DOLLY DEADLY Filmmaker Heidi Moore
510: EGOMANIAC Filmmaker Kate Shenton
555: ALL GIRLS WEEKEND Filmmaker Lou Simon
640: FEMALE EYE FILM FESTIVAL Founder & Executive Director Leslie-Ann Coles 
725: SHE WAS SO PRETTY Filmmaker Brooklyn Ewing  
815: A Review of the All Women Filmmaker Anthology XX 



Week 2: Tues February 7th – Staring at 4PM EST
425: BLOOD FEAST Actress Sadie Katz
510: THETA STATES Make-up Artist Emily Stinton & Special FX Beatrice Sniper
555: LET HER OUT Actress Alanna LeVierge
640: SIREN Actress Hannah Fierman
725: CAPTURE KILL RELEASE Actress Jenn Fraser
815: NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 & 5 Actress Lisa Wilcox



Week 3: Tues February 14th – Staring at 4PM EST
425: Short Form Filmmakers from AxWound Film Fest & Macabre Faire Film Fest Rebekah Fieschi (Bad Heads) & Christina Raia (Hello)
510: Short Form Filmmaker Cat Davies (Connie)
555: HOOK OF A BOOK Owner Erin Mehairi
640: Artist Andrea Alvin
725: Short Form Filmmaker Monica Suriyage (Black In Red Out)
815: Producer of the Feature DREAMING PURPLE NEON & Owner of JACKALOPE RADIO Amanda Payton



Week 4: Tues February 21st – 3:05 PM EST
320: Short Form Filmmaker Dionne Copeland (Inferno, Haxx Deadroom, and Computer Hearts)
405: BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES Co-Writer & Co-Director Sophia Cacciola
450: CHAOS A.D. Actresses Cayt Feinics & Lisa Marie Kart
535: Musician, Singer & FEAR FRONT PUBLISHING Horror Author Ashley Worhol
620: THE BROOD Actress & Businesswoman Cindy Hines



Week 5: Tues February 28th – 3:05 PM EST
320: DIABOLIQUE MAGAZINE Editor-in-Chief Kat Ellinger
405: Writer at SINFUL CELLUOID & Owner at HELL HOUSE NEWS’s Jennica Lynn
450: Writer, Director & the Screenwriter of DEMENTIA Meredith Berg-Erwin
535: Author & Editor Amber Fallon

Week 6: Tues March 7th – 3:05 PM EST
535: PRETTY FINE THINGS and ZOMBIE HUNTERS Actress & Horror Host Roxy Tyler, Producer & Editor Carmela Hayslett Grillo
620: TV and Film Editor Julie-Anne De Ruvo (Safe Neighborhood)

Week 7: Tues March 14th – 3:05 PM EST
320: FEAR FRONT PUBLISHING Author Lori Myers
405: Short Form Filmmaker Nadine L’Esperance (Out of My Skin)
450: AUTO FOCUS Producer, Actress, Makeup, Founder of MAVEN ENTERTAINMENT & Co-Founder of CINEFLIX FILM FESTIVAL Alicia Allain
535: Actress, Makeup & AGP: BLOODSHOCK & WE ARE STILL HERE Special FX Artist Cat Bernier-Sowell


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