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Podcast: American Horror Story Fan Podcast – Coven – Eps 07 – The Dead

Welcome to The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Coven. This week, co-hosts Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani provide a spoiler filled review of American Horror Story: Coven episode 7 starring Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts. The seventh episode of Coven is titled “The Dead” with Danny Huston bringing film noir and jazz to the scene playing the historical serial killer from 1919 New Orleans, The Axeman.

With The Dead, American Horror Story continues to weave its wicked tale of magic, death and betrayal. FrankenKyle and Madison, the living doll, are up to no good; Zoe restores Spalding’s speach only to take is away once again – gruesome; and Queenie reveals a dark side to her nature that Delphine never saw coming. And what is Hank planning to do? Insane!

The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Coven
Episode 07 –  The Axeman Cometh
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After the recap, Thomas provides his Crazy Moment of the Week and Doc shares his Outrageous Theory of the Week. Out of all the nutty things that show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk could possibly shove into a single episode, what could Thomas possibly settle upon? And what theory could possibly come out of Doc’s warped mind to shed any light into the Coven’s bewitching voodoo ways? Listen to the podcast and find out.


We also want to hear from you! The American Horror Story Fan Podcast is designed with the fan in mind and listener feedback is encouraged. That’s right, we want to hear from you! To help you out, we have a Speakpipe account set up for you to leave your Voice Messages. Click on this link and leave Doc and Thomas your thoughts. What are your theories? What was the craziest moment of the show? Who’s your favorite character? Which character do you despise the most? The service is free and no number is required, all you need is a PC and mic.

eps7_queenie_shock eps7-zoe eps7_spalding2 eps7_tongue eps7_frankenkyle esp7_thebeyond-wait

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  1. a quick note; Did anyone notice the difference between the resurrected dead (i.e. Kyle and Madison) from the witches and the eternal living…..Madame Delphine LaLaurie…..from the voodoo queen, Marie Laveau? I am curious as to how this relates (even if it does) to power between the two warring factions. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.


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