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Podcast: American Horror Story Fan Podcast – Coven – Eps 10

American Horror Story returns with the much anticipated episode 10 featuring a high profile guest star, The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks. Horror News Radio co-hosts Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani are back to recap and review the show with the latest American Horror Story Fan Podcast diving into each detail and shocking twists and turns. And this episode is no slouch, it brings the goods, not only with Stevie Nicks rattling off a rendition of Rhiannon as Misty Day spins nearby, but the death of a key character and the introduction of Papa Legba.

The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Coven
Episode 10 –  The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks
(47.35min, 19.95MB)
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As they do each episode, Thomas brings his Bat Shit Crazy Moment of the Week and Doc shares his Outrageous Theory. There is also some listener feedback and talk of anticipating the final three episode of American Horror Story: Coven. Subscribe and download the show today and share your thoughts about FX’s monster horror television hit show.

We also want to hear from you! The American Horror Story Fan Podcast is designed with the fan in mind and listener feedback is encouraged. That’s right, we want to hear from you! To help you out, we have a Speakpipe account set up for you to leave your Voice Messages. Click on this link and leave Doc and Thomas your thoughts. What are your theories? What was the craziest moment of the show? Who’s your favorite character? Which character do you despise the most? The service is free and no number is required, all you need is a PC and mic.

American_Horror_Story_S03E10_PapaLegba American_Horror_Story_S03E10_Marie_Fiona American_Horror_Story_S03E10_Misty_Coffin American_Horror_Story_S03E10_Misty2 American_Horror_Story_S03E10_Witches American_Horror_Story_S03E10_Marie

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