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Horror Fans Guide To Screenwriting and Filmmaking – Podcast

Horror News Confidential
Horror Fans Guide To Screenwriting and Filmmaking
Hosted by Michael Joy


Welcome to Horror News Confidential, where we are not only Breaking News but we are also Making News! Broadcasting from beyond inner-sanctum and through the darkness… directly into your skull. If you dare, take this bizarre journey with us down a twisted lost highway as we Re-Discover the Creature Features from your Childhood, and Re-Examine the New Monsters of Today! You are listening to us LIVE on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network in conjunction with Horrornews.net

This Week –

Horror Fans Guide To Screenwriting and Filmmaking

Guests –

Steve Douglas-Craig – Senior Executive Coordinator & Story Analyst with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition / Screenwriting Coach at TheNewScreenwriter.com

Mark Ricche & Christian Stavrakis, Filmmakers at Cryptic Pictures

Totally Driven Entertainment is a multi-media platform created by Bay Ragni, former professional wrestler, radio host, and entertainment personality. Starting with the Totally Driven Entertainment website (www.TotallyDrivenEntertainment.com), and expanding to Totally Driven Radio & Radio Network , and now the Totally Driven Entertainment Magazine, Bay Ragni had one goal, and that was to bring his unique brand of entertainment to the masses.

Covering sports, music, movies, TV, pop culture, and more, Totally Driven Entertainment skyrocketed to success! Bay led his broadcasting duo into the podcasting spotlight by hosting weekly celebrity interviews and news stories, and of course, mixing in his own opinions when it came to the world of entertainment. Notable celebrity interviews include rock goddess Lita Ford, actor Corey Feldman, the cast of TNT’s Major Crimes, stars of TNT’s Murder in the First and Hawaii Five-O, Ian Anthony Dale, Orlando Jones of Sleepy Hollow, country legend Charlie Daniels, members of big name bands including Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Queensryche, Disturbed, The Butcher Babies, and The Runaways, and big name movie stars including Stacey Keach, Robert Davi, and Eric Roberts. For a complete look at previous guests, visitor the Totally Driven Entertainment Youtube Channel!

After deciding it was time to break free from the restrictions of other networks, Bay, with the support of his wife Jess, started the Totally Driven Radio Network. Over the first 16 months of the network, many shows came and went, but the network’s flagship show, Totally Driven Radio has become the cornerstone of the Totally Driven brand since 2013.

Totally Driven Radio, as well as our Sports Talk Show, “The Mojo Sports Show,” have pulled in record breaking numbers in the key 18-45 male demographic. In addition, Totally Driven Radio has drawn viewership from not just across the country, but also internationally. It came as no surprise, when we saw an even higher surge in listeners when we added ITUNES, SPREAKER, and STITCHER. The podcasting world had spoken, and they are ready to GET DRIVEN and STAY DRIVEN!

The Totally Driven Entertainment staff also likes to get out in the community and has served as guests at various conventions, including: Phoenix Comic-Con, RetroCon, Phoenix HorrorCon, Bizarre AC, ACBC Con, Icons of Wrestling and more!

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