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Podcast: The Following Fan Podcast Eps 2 – For Joe

In episode two of FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher go deep inside the episode as Ryan Hardy gets drawn deeper into the world of “The Carrollers” and Joe Carroll rediscovers the joy of the kill.

While season one of THE FOLLOWING was certainly a strong debut it seems that season two just might be something special and as such worthy of its own podcast. Your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher have certainly taken notice and feel discussion is a must. Join us this and every week as we rundown the episode and offer insight into what the future may hold.

As episode two opens we are drawn into the world of Joe Carroll, now going by the name of Darryl as he carves out a life of hiding. We join back up with Luke and Mark as they once again go on the hunt and begin a cat and mouse game with Ryan and the lone survivor of the subway attack with whom Ryan has grown fond.

Meanwhile back at the trailer things have gotten intense with Joe/Daryl when he needs to kill to protect his secret. To say things quickly spiral out of control would be the understatement of the week. It’s an action packed episode and Doc and Dave lead you through it all.

Two new features also get introduced this week as Dave points out the “Plot hole of the Week” and Doc amazes all when he “Put’s a name to the Face”.

As always we want your feedback so drop us a line at docrotten@horrornews.net or dave@horrornews.net and we’ll talk next week as we continue to FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING.

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