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Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast – Eps 23

Featuring Dredd 3D – Spiders 3D – Raid: Redemption

Podcast: Monster Movie Podcast  Eps 23 – Dredd 3D – Spiders 3D – Raid Redemption

This week we explore cinema’s most hideous criminal element with a pair of crime lords: one, 200 stories up in Peach Trees tower, deep in Mega City One; another, 30 stories up in an Indonesian slum apartment. To balance things out, we have giant 3D spiders from outer space attacking New York City from the director of The Gate. That’s right, this week returning co-host Thomas M. from WidescreenWarrior.com and host Doc Rotten review, compare and contrast Dredd 3D and Raid: Redemption taking a small break to preview the trailer for Tibor Takacs’ Spiders 3D.

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Shaking up the order a bit this week, Doc and Thomas start off with a pair of listen feedback messages. The first from T.J. challenges our recent review of V/H/S. The second from Luis brings up the commonality between the Psycho remake and the Carrie remake while complimenting Thomas on his podcasting flair.

Then Doc and Thomas take a SYFY look at the cheesy but fun trailer for Spiders 3D. C’mon, it’s giant alient spiders…in glorious 3D. It’s going to be killer, right? Take a guess which host loves the idea while the other dreads the very thought of it.

Moving into the reviews for this week, Doc and Thomas gush about Dredd 3D raving about the design, the 3D, the violence and the film itself while they contemplate what the hell happened in the theaters.

Then, thanks to Thomas’ suggestion, they review the 2011 Indonesian hit film Raid: Redemption. The film is equally brilliant for for very different reasons. Which leads to Doc and Thomas taking a look at the two films side-by-side.

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