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Interview: Director Neil Meschino (MOLD! | Maggots)

MOLD!, from Neil Meschino, is a spectacular micro-budget horror film that made a big impression when it played at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC a few years back. The film is pure imagination, spirit and love for film on screen. It is often silly and over-the-top, but the energy is undeniable. And the film is the director’s film school thesis but he continued to work on the film after graduating.

Welcome to another episode of The Future of Horror, an interview podcast featuring new, upcoming talent in horror, The show is a sibling podcast to Horror News Radio, the official HorrorNews.Net podcast. With each episode, the show’s host, Doc Rotten, spotlights a director, an actor, a screenwriter, an effects artists, a film maker conquering hurdles and barriers to get their films made, to follow their passion, to make horror films.

Director Neil Meschino is now working past MOLDonto his second feature MAGGOTS. He joins Doc on this episode to share the lessons learned from his first feature, how he envisioned early on taking his first film to the big screen, the trials and triumphs he encountered along the way. He shares how what he learned filming MOLD! is being applied to his current work and we get into what choosing the correct location may do to a film.

You can find out more about Neil Meschino and MOLD! (and Maggotsat these links:

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