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1980s Horror Movies That Should Be Remade w/ Mr Lobo & Andy Gates Podcast

Horror News Confidential – Podcast 

Episode 4 w/ Special Guests Mr. Lobo & Andy Gates

Feature Topic: 1980s Horror Movies That Should Be Remade

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Tonight’s guests – ‘Horror Host’ Mr. Lobo  and ‘Actor’ Andy Gates

  • Mr. Lobo’s Ruku Channel OSI74.com, Outer Space International
  • Story behind the Plan 9 Remake
  • El Rey Network Late Night Host Survey
  • Dr. Shock & Other Horror Tv Hosts
  • The Jim Henson / George Lucas Theory
  • Friday the 13th Anniversary
  • Andy Gates’ Lost Order Films (The Form, The Blessed Ones, The Service)
  • 1980’s Horror Movies That Should Be Remade!

Fantastic talk with great horror friends, Andy Gates and Mr. Lobo made this such an awesome podcasting experience!


  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    None. No more 80’s movies should be remade, ever. Make something new or if you need too, make a sequel.

    • I love Michael Mann’s THE KEEP (1983) but it has little to with the novel. What is called for is a remake – or should I say a new, more faithful adaptation of F. Paul Wilson’s original novel. After all, Wilson himself expressed distaste for Mann’s version publicly, and once told me that the film is, “Visually intriguing, but otherwise utterly incomprehensible.”


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