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Podcast: The Following Fan Podcast Eps 4 – Family Affair

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In episode four of Horror News TV The Following Fan Podcast your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher breakdown the happenings in this very character driven episode and while the action may be a little subdued it is still a very intense hour.

Horror News TV The Following Fan Podcast
Episode 4 – Family Affair
(54.40min, 31.80MB)
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While season one of The Following was certainly a strong debut it seems that season two just might be something special and as such worthy of its own podcast. Your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher have certainly taken notice and feel discussion is a must. Join us this and every week as we rundown the episode and offer insight into what the future may hold.

In episode four we really start getting down and dirty as we delve deeply into the backstory of all the major players. Lily and the twins appear to have ulterior motives for their games as Emma plays along and is rewarded with an amazing reunion. Ryan and Max strike out on their own and one of them ends up in a potentially dangerous situation. Meanwhile Joe reaches out to an old friend who ends up having an interesting tie to the FBI. Does it all sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry Doc and Dave have got your back and explain it all.

Dave’s “Plot hole of the week” revolves around the cult being able to figure things out a little to conveniently as Doc once again blows your mind when he “puts a name to the face.”

As always we want your feedback so drop us a line at dave@horrornewstv.com or docrotten@horrornewstv.com and we’ll talk next week as we continue to Horror News TV The Following Fan Podcast

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