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Rock Star, John 5 appears on ‘Horror News Confidential’ podcast, episode 2

Horror News Confidential

Episode 2, “Season of the Witch & Other Monsters”

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Hosted by Horrornews.net Manager – Michael Joy


Tonight’s Guest: John 5 Talks about Stephen King’s IT remake, Kong: Skull Island, Robert Rodriguez Escape from New York, and his new album, Season of the Witch

Season Of The Witch, the brand new full-length instrumental solo album from world-renowned guitarist JOHN 5, is out today and can be ordered via iTunes, Amazon and John-5.com, or streamed via Spotify. Season Of The Witch features JOHN 5’s backing band The Creatures (bassist Ian Ross and drummer Rodger Carter), and features experimentation with various genres – including western swing, Spanish flamenco, heavy metal and more – thoroughly showcasing JOHN 5’s diverse virtuosic abilities.


Michael Joy and co-host Wolf Dog Joe discuss news from the wrestling world with the announcement of Atushi Onita coming to the United States for a Hardcore match, and the Retiring of WWE legend, The Undertaker!

Special Interview with Bryon C Miller, Director of Artsploitation Films ‘The Anatomy of Monsters’ and Lead Singer for Rock Band, ‘Ghosts In The Graveyard’

The Anatomy of Monsters – Dark, disturbing and unpredictable, this indie thriller revolves around a seemingly normal yet homicidal young man who ventures out one night in search for his first kill. At a lonely bar he meets a young woman, takes her to a hotel room and prepares to kill her…until he discovers she harbors secrets far worse than even he could imagine. What unfolds is a diabolical game of cat and mouse, and a soul bearing confession of love and death. Byron C. Miller, seemingly inspired by the gritty 1980s indie filmmaking of Ulli Lommel’s Blank Generation, Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise and Gus Van Sant’s Mala Noche, directs this unnerving tale of murder and amorality wrapped around a “sweet” love story.

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