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Extreme Cinema: Top 25 Most Disturbing Films of all time – part3

“Scrapbook” (2000), “The Girl Next Door” (2007), “Breaking Her Will” (2009), “Poughkeepsie Tapes” (2007)

(straight from Wikipedia)

Scrapbook is a horror film about a young woman who is kidnapped, held captive, and repeatedly beaten and raped for several days. The title refers to a scrapbook that her captor uses as a record of the ordeals of his victims. Scrapbook was directed in 1998 by Eric Stanze, and is St. Louis-based production company Wicked Pixel Cinema’s third feature film. In the United States, it was released in 2000 by Sub Rosa Studios, and re-released in 2005 by Image Entertainment. It has also been released internationally, including a censored version released in the UK.

The film stars Emily Haack who gives a mentionable performance for enduring on screen humiliation and abuse, not to mention real sex scenes…aka rape scenes. “The Girl Next Door” showcases a young girl who is captured by some young boys, held in a basement, chained, tortured and humiliated for several days while the mother upstairs reinforces the event. It’s more innocent in nature than “Scrapbook” but is still extremely unsettling to sit thru for any viewer. “Breaking her Will” is similar in premise on a lower budget scale. “Poughkeepsie Tapes” at least in my mind, is the lead in this group. Really twisted, and bizarre all together. All 4 of these are full of sadistic violence and torture, including terror and graphic descriptions. So there ya go! I think you could probably pick and chose moments from each for a round of yeee…


12) Trilogy: “Slaughtered Vomit Dolls” (2006) / “ReGOREitated Sacrifice” (2008) / “Slow Puke Torture” (2010)

This film really just gives you a headache in addition to the nauseating gore. The editing style is hyper kinetic which on one hand is very impressive but on the other is too much for a full length feature. Lucifer Valentine is one twisted mind. The creator of this mess paints a psychological profile of a 19 year stripper who descends into hell induced satanism and nightmares. The film really hits the mark when it shows excessive vomiting, bloody vomiting and more gore with vomit. I wouldn’t on any level call this a good film but when it comes to disturbing its high on the chart! The film includes a additionally head ache inducing soundtrack and is filmed primarily in reality style video camera footage. Though for what it is, you have to give kudos on the incredibly complex edit job this film excels in. The next 2 films follow the trend of disturbing material that could easily place all 3 in positions but for ease of classification, we’ll enter the Trilogy of films into 1 spot. The 3rd film “Slow Puke Torture” isn’t out yet, but from others who’ve seen it, its more of the same stuff. I thought it fair to team up with its previous 2 buddies. It’s safe to say that your mind will be damaged permanently after these 3.


13) “Men Behind the Sun” (1988)

This one bases itself on actual Asian history that points back to a camp named Unit 731 and the story of victims who were subjected to cruel experiments at the cost of information during the war. Mainly a subject of extreme nazism it was time when black ops projects were put into effect to test the results of torture and conditions for the benefit of military reports. One scene showcases a cat being torn apart by a roomful of rats among other obscene visual assaults.

Note: The Men Behind the Sun Series has 4 films under this title 2-4 being a form of sequel:

MEN BEHIND THE SUN 1 (1988) – Tun Fei Mou


14) “The Untold Story” (aka “Human pork chop”) (1993)

Really one of the top contenders in the ultimate sicko “CAT III” category – This Asian release make no effort to reframe from any taboo and offers zero compassion in doing so. Killing children, families – eating people, rape, Really this is reserved for the hardest of core viewers, good example of CAT III being utilized to the fullest. Also based on a true story!


15) August Underground’s Trilogy: “AU” (2001), “Mordum” (2003), “Penance” (2007)

This pick had to go on by pure overwhelming fan dedication to these films as a round of not 1 but 3 disturbing films . Thus termed the “August Underground Trilogy“. I have yet to sit through these due to poor production value, however the AU films are ones that always seem to rear there heads on MANY disturbing lists ..which also therefore have earned a permanent spot on ours. The film makers of Toetag continue to churn out extreme films that offer more nastiness and new entries into the disturbing category. There collection features several more extreme controversial films. I think its safe to say that all their films will be in this vein.


16) “Snuff 102” (2007)

Surrounded in public controversy this pure snuff exploitation film is cruel in every way and unforgiving on screen. It differs from The Guinea pig films in that is actually “has” a plot line and message at its heart once you get past the nastiness. Taboos are exploited at the cost of 3 women being tortured and filmed. The film was so controversial that its web site and trailers were ordered removed.


17) “Mark of the Devil” (1970)

This is one film I think everyone seeking these kinds of films should see. What is unique here is that the torture, horror and violence is rooted in the days of the 16th -18th century Inquisition. The main witchfinder character Albino played by Reggie Nalder is one of horrors most devious villains. This film created back in the 70’s is famed for its marketing campaigns and gimmicks that also promote this as the most horrific film ever made. The scenes within are strong examples of the torture that the accused endured in those days and will probably disgust you as well as piss you off for the ignorance that the witchhunters and churches held on to in battle against dark forces. Some of the  other films released on this same theme were weak in comparison, though “Mark of the Devil is a true masterpiece of unsettling nature.top20_most_Disturbing_films-Markofthedevil-1


18) “Caligula” (1979) (unrated version only)

I’m not sure if all will agree on my choice of Caligula, mainly because the unrated version was littered with p*rn shots. The richness and unsettling here is the extended scenes of debauchery , torture and just plain weirdness that the Romans inflicted back in the day. Probably most disturbing was the ruling that all new brides had to be consummated by the Romans first before being handed back over to there husbands. Torture and cruelty to women help in making this a disturbing film but it also is a masterpiece of cinema.The film starred giants such as Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole. I never tire of this film for its historical aspect and realism of an era gone mad with power. Word of advice, don’t waste time on the rated version as the best scenes were taken out. Mcdowell as Caligula is one of his greatest roles in cinema. This is also based on a true story of Caligula’s extreme indulgences and reign of power. Another worthy of mention is the film “Caligula: The Untold Story”. The film is based on the real exploits and power reign of Caligula himself.


Last House on the Left” (1972), “I Spit on your Grave” (1978), Chaos” (2005)

We have 2 classics here that really should be on this list just for historical reasons, though the main theme here is rape. I will tell you though that all 3 films pale in comparison to the 10 or 20 Asian rape films that exist in the CAT III category. Though these are the ones that US audience have either grown up on, experienced or have embedded into their psyches. The 3rd entry is actually a far more brutal title “Chaos” which was planned as a “A House on the Left” remake until the producer changed the title for it to stand on its own. More or less, its in good company with these films. The 70’s rape scenes have there own disturbing nature but in many ways have fallen to the wayside with the new wave of horror intent on bolder, more dramatically in your face rape scenes. All in all, you’ll still have to agree watching them all that they leave a uncomfortable pit in your stomach and therefore are worthy entries here.


20) “A Serbian Film” (2010)

I knew after seeing this one that it had to be added as a permanent disturbing fixture on this list. So new it’s not even out to the  public yet. This film will make history in its level of contributing disturbing scenes. The film itself is actually one of the better made productions on this list with excellent cinematography and a thought-provoking premise. Taboos are certainly crossed to the fullest extent and perhaps maybe a few new ones. Does it make it that much more compelling? I think most horror fans could never see this film and probably stay virgins on certain visuals rather than take the mental plunge. However for the record, as unclassy as the ideas are… the opportunities they introduce are still handled with cinematic professionalism. Could this mark the era of Serbian film movements? perhaps. I’m betting on more filmmakers to ride this bandwagon into the future lime lights…well see.top20_most_Disturbing_films_A-Serbian-Film-1



Aftermath:Genesis” (1998),Visitor Q” (2001), “Nekromantik” (1987),  “NEKROMANTIK 2 (1991) – Jörg Buttgereit“, “Header” (2006)

Sex with the dead is a pretty nasty idea. Filmmakers have taken that to the next level by being more inventive on that subject. Each of these involves some form of that, though i think “Aftermath” is the most gruesome of the bunch. “Header” involves some good old boys and their idea of fun while “Visitor Q”, is actually a bit of the perverse and dark humor side.


“Antichrist” (2009), Splatter: Naked Blood” (1995), Begotten” (1990), Schramm” (1993) & “Cutting Moments (SHORT) – (PART OF AN ANTHOLOGY) (1997)

I knew that it would be hard to keep these all as single entries when they really excel at one strong factor. This is the art of self mutilation. To be more specific, several of these include self castration and abominations associated with it. “Begotten” starts with a pseudo version of GOD who kills himself to give birth to mother nature. The frames themselves are nightmarish, the film is even weirder. “Cutting Moments” has long been referred to for its nasty lip cutting exercise..then we have “Naked Blood” and “Antichrist” who take to their own reproductive organs. “Schramm” has a nice little ditty that involves penis nailing…in any case, you get the gist here.


23) “Squirmfest” (1989)

I This film stands alone as so wrong it hurts. Our rather lengthier review will spill out the details though you will note that we really don’t refer to it as a film. It gets an inclusion here because it really is one of the most disturbing things I forced myself to sit thru for its duration. In short…. it’s feces, urination, maggots, worms, and other crap eaten, thrown up ..eaten again …etc. Don’t look for this one, its almost impossible to find. But if you ever do come across it, prepare for the worst. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!


24) Most Disturbing new entry: “Neighbor” (2010)

As I was writing up this article, I had the pleasure of checking out a film I couldn’t ignore mentioning. “Neighbor” the new film starring America Olivo is one helluva torture film. In fact, its safe to say the movie isn’t much more than that. You’ll see what I mean once you’ve sat thru it. As far as plot…well there really wasn’t one. As far as reasoning…..not much there either. But hey, America looks hot even drilling into someone’s kneecap. Though that penis scene….ugh, much to much for inquiring minds. Ya this one is worth a spot on your “make you cringe” shelf.



“Bone Sickness” (2004), The Burning Moon” (1992), “Tokyo Gore Police” (2008), Dead Alive” (1992), “The Gateway Meat” (2009)

Gory guilty pleasures is something that “alot” of films can make claim to in this day and age, in fact…that subject alone could generate its own list. Though to not belabor this entry I chose a few that hands down are strong entries into this category of disturbing. There is plenty of nasty zombie films that fit the bill as well, but these are just plain gory splatter pieces that do just fine in the disturbing but gory entry. Note: Films like “Dead Alive” and “Tokyo  Gore Police” have an air of silliness to them that dampens some of  the gore feeling. But none-the-less, they explode in buckets. “Bone Sickness” goes all out in a memorable gorefest. “The Gateway Meat” is more hardcore feeling combining some elements of torture and “The Burning Moon” contains the nastiest Hell scene set on tape.




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  1. Great list, although I’d have to add Michael Haneke’s Funny Games. The ease at which the killers toss the final family member out of the boat is just chilling, and the fact that they get away with it and are so well acclimated makes it even more disturbing.

  2. Just perused your list of the 25 Most Disturbing Films Ever Made. It was certainly appropriate to see Martyrs on your list—-a film that stands alone in my mind as the single most extreme film I have ever seen. I was so disturbed by it when I first saw it that its visuals did not leave me for DAYS! The film was recomended to me by a friend who is also a fan of all thing horror: her comment was, “Kris, you HAVE to see this movie! It f*cked me up for days!” I can safely say that I could NEVER watch Martyrs again willingly, I was so shaken by it.

    I found it interesting that most of the films on this list are of foreign extraction. I wonder what it says about American cinema (and American society, in general) that extreme films do not get made in this country, or, at least, are not distributed here. I have seen both Ant-Christ and Salo: 100 Days of Sodom, and found both films to be quite good. Salo’s exaggerated torture sequences are justly famous; Paosolini used them in order to make a brutal point about the evils of Fascism and Totalitarianism. Anti-Christ is maybe the most stigmatized film released in the last decade. Anyone who has actually SEEN it can attest to the fact that it is actually intellectually rigerous and quite talky—-with the occasional castration and frenzied sex scene thrown in in order to make the dialogue more stimulating. I guess American literary critic Leslie Fiedler was right over 60 years ago when he theorized in his book, “Love and Death in the American Novel,” that sex and violence are the two things that American culture has never been able to come to grips with.

    All in all, a thought-provoking list that brought back some memories I would rather forget. Good Job.

    • Thanx! Ya I would have to say Asians have been extreme much longer than we were. They have a different culture that accepts certain taboos. French and Serbia much of the same.

      Though every movie on this list has been watched and appropriately added. The extended list on page 4 has several that we havent got to yet. Though in research, I know we hit the ones most talked about. The problem with other lists is that they only list what they have on hand, rather we collected all the worst and siphoned down from there, many were underground and hard to acquire. If your interest is still there I’d probably send ya to “A Serbain film” next. Films Squirmfest and Snuff 102 are a bit much to take.

  3. Can you check out Necromentia?

  4. All of these film makers are acting out their fantasies. I wish someone would kill them the same way they showed in their movies. Now that would make one helluva movie!right?

  5. This site is great for those of us who like to find out new extreme movies to watch. Thanks for that. However, I’ve struggled to find alot of these movies obviously on mainstream video sites. Anyone have any good recommendations on where I might be able to either stream or purchase some of these videos?
    -Thanks Keep up the good work

    • yes there are some sites recommended in the 4 page article


    • Yes, I believe page 1 has some links, others are recommended doing a Google search on. Keep in mind, that films come and go, so a film that is hard to find today, might be obtainable in a few months. It depends on who is selling and distributing what.

  6. Horrorheart149

    This is the best extreme cinema article I have ever read. I thought I had seen and heard of them all, but this one had many I had never heard of before. Very well done article.

    • This article has become a section in itself. The remainder films can be found on page 4 of the article. We’ll continue to link reviews on the list as they get acquired and reviewed. Readers should note that the list is constantly being updated with new entrees. If a film is unobtainable, it will be eventually removed. Also if a film does not meet the “disturbing” criteria for this list, it will be removed. Filmmakers who have genre related films, should contact us directly for review

  7. certainly the best article on sick and disturbing movies.i also not found C.O.H. BRUTAL BEATING anywhere what about u.is it movie or what? any way i saw some 10-12 movies and i found guinea pig flower of flesh n blood most disturbing.although many sites have ranked mordum as1 but i hate moving cameras n poor quality movies btw correct MEN BEHIND THE SUN released year(2001) n PLEASE IT WILL HE HEPFUL TO ALL IF YOU ADD ALL 25 MOVIES ORIGINAL UNCUT RUNNING TIME. squirmfest 2 is released is it like part 1 to add it?
    ANd please keep updating ut gr8 work (is there arent any movie b/n 2010-2012 OR upcoming in 2013 that is very sick??? KEEP updating uR GR8 LIST
    THNX for the best list of disturbing movies

  8. This list is great, but may I ask, which of these films are actually good films, rather than just shocking? I’ve seen a few, such as A Serbian Film, Martyrs, Seed, both The Human Centipede films, AntiChrist, The Last House On The Left and I Spit On Your Grave, and all, minus (in my opinion) The Human Centipede 1&2, have been quite decent films… Which films would you say have thought out story lines, decent acting, and are also shocking?

    • You have named some of the better ones, though keep in mind that if it isn’t linked, we haven’t reviewed it yet (referring mostly to page 4 list). The top 25, of course have been watched. This article section is intended to call out those that are first shocking, well regarded, legendary (if you may) and the top of “this” sub-genre of horror. you can’t compare them in the same room as general horror films like Halloween, Insidious…etc.

      Those who come here, know what they are looking for. Though for the record, I thought “Martyrs” was a fantastic film. “Salo” is another that needs to be seen, even with its atrocities. “Caligula” is also an important film.

  9. post-modern sleaze

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4PR9NZlAB4 short film the cat with hands only goes for 3 mins but its what nightmares are made of, purely terrifying for some reason…

  10. I have to agree with pretty much everything on this list, with the exception of A Serbian Film. I found it utterly over rated, not at all even remotely as disturbing as every other film on the list, and generally pretty mediocre as far as extremism is concerned. Other than my absolute distaste for A Serbian Film, this list is one of the best I’ve seen yet- most others include sh*t like Paranormal Activity and hail it as an incredibly disturbing film. You’ve done a great job of actually compiling a list with veteran horror enthusiasts in mind!

    • Thanx! Yes Extreme cinema is what I consider a certain selection and kind of horror that falls into its own category. Page 4 has a massive list of every title in this category that we can think of.

  11. I was wondering if you could help me. I saw a gore movie in the late 80’s that should be on this list b/c it was quite extreme, as extreme as wizard of gore or gore gore girls.

    Here is what I can remember of it. The story revolves around a guy who is a Taxidermist. He lives with a woman. He has a fiancee’ and they planed to marry. However, she dies. He can’t live without her, so, he gets her dead body and proceeds to taxidermy her. The film shows much of the process, which was rather disgusting. He keeps her in bed and they have sex.

    One day, he picks up a hitch hiker. She falls asleep and wakes up in his house. She looks around and sees the dead girl in his bed. She fights the guy and scratches him with her nails. So, he grabs a pair of eagle nail pliers and proceeds to pull out her fingernails with the pliers. Then he and the woman he lives with strangle her. They take her to a bathtub and proceed to dismember her with a hatchet, again in extreme detail.

    Later on, he picks up a jogger and they end up going to his house for sex. They are having sex and she pulls down the sheet, revealing his dead fiancee’. She screams and he bits out her throat and continues to bite until she stops moving.

    The movie then turns into a horror movie as the guy and the woman he lives with decide to turn on each other and hunt each other with weapons.

    As u can see, I remember a lot of the film, just can’t recall what it was called. Any help or ideas?
    ps, it was extremely graphic and I remember it saying that it was banned in several countries. I don’t know when it was made, but, I know I watched it before 1989.

    • The Black Saint

      Hi Dan! I might be wrong but it sounds like you’re describing Joe D’ Amato’s “Buio Omega” or (as it was known in the states) “Beyond The Darkness” AKA “Buried Alive”. It was released under a bunch of different titles around the globe as well. Titles like “Blue Holocaust”, “House 6” & “Bio Omega” but it’s all the same movie.

      Hope this helped!


      The Black Saint

  12. In Self Mutilation category you can’t exclude DANS MA PEAU (2002), A Marina de Van french director film. The master piece of self mutilation.

  13. Ah. When I first saw this list I was hoping that Irreversible and Funny Games would make it, ‘coz both of those left permanent scars on me. Not deep, but permanent for sure. But man, these other flicks…I’m gonna have to stock up on some popcorn. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Not sure what’s more disturbing…that these films get made or that there are people who enjoy watching them.

  15. Hi,

    Just wondering if you know of any podcasts to review extreme and shocking movies. Cheers Harley


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