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Film Review: Chaos (2005)

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Two teenage girls on a mission to find drugs at a rave get more than they bargain for. One is sexually assaulted and they are both killed in horrific ways. The attackers seek refuge in the parents’ of one of the victims’ homes…


Starring: Kevin Gage, Sage Stallone, Steve Wozniak, Kelly K.C. Quinn, Chantal Degroat and Maya Borovich

Written and Directed by: David DeFalco

Does that sound a bit familiar to any of you fellow Horror fans and gorehounds out there? It should. A plot overkilled three times now. One with a re-make of another… and another. A regurgitated chain of re-makes with three different names. This was supposed to be the actual Re-make of Wes Craven’s classic The Last House on the Left (…a re-make of Ingmar Bergman’s Virgin Spring ), which just had it’s theatrical re-made release. This rehashing and brutal bashing of a classic is slightly different from the two films prior to… and the latter blasphemy that just hit and left a theater near you. This ending, unlike the others… is more of a down note.

Angelica has just come in from college to visit her long time friend, Emily. Her mother (of an interacial marriage) is worried about the two hanging out together in the first place… Just as Mari’s mother was with Phyllis. Instead of a Bloodlust concert (which sounds much more appealing), these two girls go to a rave in the middle of the woods. There, they decide to score some drugs. Instead of sticking with the reefer, such as Mari and Phyllis, Emily and Angelica go for the “E.” Their dealer in shining armor…or a black t-shirt, is mistakingly approached by the attractive, young dope fiends. His name is Swan…”Yeah, baby…Like the bird.” Swan is the “Junior” of the sadistic clan, played by Sage Stallone (That’s right… “Sly” Sylvester’s son and owner of Grindhouse releases). He tells them he can find some, but they have to follow him back to where his “band” is recording an album. They follow him and meet the rest of his friends (and father) who turn out to be the two lost girls’ worst living nightmare…

Swan’s father is the one they call “Chaos”… The “Krug” of the company, if you will (Played by Kevin Sage, of Con-Air, Strangeland and Lightening Bug). He is sadistic and shameless, even to his own son and fellow f*cking lunatics. Chaos has a celebrity complex and thinks the others are jealous of his fame. Frankie, played by Steve Wozniak (Gunslinger media/R.I.P) is the “Weasel” of the gang. He is Chaos’ right hand man and sort of looks up to him in a way. He is also verbally bashed by Chaos for liking Baseball. Finally, there is Daisy.

She is played by Kelly K.C. Quinn. She is who you would call the well…”Sadie” of the diabolic clan. All in all, the acting performances were great. Very convincing characters by both Victims and Villains (Kevin Gage does give David Hess a run for his money in the sinister department). The two police officers are contrasting in that one is a racist and irrational and the other is his voice of reason, if he chose to listen.

The original title of the film was to be The House in the Middle of Nowhere, fittingly enough. The tag-line was “To endure Chaos…Keep repeating (you guessed it) …It’s only a movie….”. Both promotional posters are almost identical to “Last house”’s. Weasel Padowski himself, Marc Sheffler started to produce this, but dropped out of the project. The movie, including some lines used within are almost identical to “Last House…” as well. Once they enter the house of the family, the story takes a change down it’s own path. One I do admire..

The two murders are supposed to be based off of the murders of an actual serial killer. There is a disclaimer at the beginning that says it is a wake-up call to parents. The most amusing thing is the label on the DVD… “THE MOST BRUTAL MOVIE EVER MADE”… No question about it as they have it stated. I would strongly disagree. There are only two murders in the movie that could be considered graphic. The rest are nothing you haven’t already seen. One is disturbing because of who is killing who and two are pretty brutal. The “most brutal movie ever made”…It is truely not… There is a twist(ed) ending. I reveal no spoilers. If you are into movies of a brutal nature, check it out. If you do not want to see a classic revamped yet again, visit The House on the Edge of the Park (reviewed on REVIEWS from the ABYSS… COMING SOON).

Until the next time and the premiere of the R.F.T.A…”Keep one foot in the grave, one fist in the guts and your eyes out for blood…Later!”


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