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Extreme Cinema: Top 25 Most Disturbing Films of all time – part4

Special mention: Funny Games” (1997)

Take my advice and just stick with the 1997 German version. The accents will drive you a bit crazy but what made this film work so well was the directors way of lingering on shots. 2 boys torture a family and play games through the movie. What I found almost unbearable was the camera style that stays with certain shots …without cuts and lets the horror of the moment draw you in like a live spectator. Disturbing emotions run high with the level of abuse these teens cause as well as drawn out visual suffering that has to be experienced. It is a different type of disturbing than some of the other films but very strong on the contender list.

Well, if your brave…then dig into these gems (a statement of course subjectively whispered). Though I wouldn’t recommend all at once. Stay tuned when I revisit this with some more goodies ……down the road.

For now here is some honorable mentions that deserve a place but didn’t make THIS top 25 list. Collectors take note!!!



These little gems have their own list for a good reason. The selections are worth checking out in various capacities. Video Nasties refers to the banned list implemented back in the day on “too controversial” films. These all provide a nice helping of disturbing content. The films have of course been topped in recent years with hardcore violence becoming mainstream even from a Hollywood standpoint. Video Nasties have always been a group on their own (a group within a group). We’ll add ones that qualify for this list as they are reviewed. Stay tuned for more articles and reviews on the VIDEO NASTY FILMS.



Cat 3 ranges from extreme horror to extreme sexual to …well combinations of both many times. There are too many to name that offer some of the most disturbing content you’ll ever find. Though the biggest problem lies in locating many of these to even watch. As a whole they deserve to be mentioned. We’ve even provided a more thorough and “mostly” complete list for diehard collectors. In some respects the CAT 3 films could easily overtake this whole list so its entries were kept to a chosen few.

AMAZON LINK (Contains Limited Titles)

For one of the few books written on this subject, please check out author Phil Russell’s Book “Beyond the Darkness: Cult, Horror, and Extreme Cinema” which can be purchased directly at: for direct paperback copy , for Kindle version
Our review of “Beyond the Darkness”

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Extreme Cinema: Top 25 Most Disturbing Films of all time – part4


  1. Haven’t seen most of these films, but I am going to be sure to try and see ALL of them ;) Thanks for the list!

  2. I am looking for a surreal independent horror film, that came out after 2000. The name of the film is left side or left field, if anyone can help give me a shout!!!!!!!!!!! taylornoah69@gmail.com

  3. I am looking for a surreal independent horror film, that came out after 2000. The name of the film is left side or left field, if anyone can help give me a shout!!!!!!!!!!! taylornoah69@gmail.com

  4. I am looking for a surreal independent horror film, that came out after 2000. The name of the film is left side or left field, if anyone can help give me a shout!!!!!!!!!!! taylornoah69@gmail.com

  5. I am looking for a surreal independent horror film, that came out after 2000. The name of the film is left side or left field, if anyone can help give me a shout!!!!!!!!!!! taylornoah69@gmail.com

  6. Can’t believe that Swap.avi was not on the list. The most disturbing and painful movie of all time. I think that maybe this squirmfest is on the same level, but I don’t think so.

    • Never heard of this one, if you have a link, send it over and we’ll try and check it out.
      “Swap.avi” though sounds like the file name itself – also if a film hasnt been subtitled that is foreign, we cant review it properly (as there are many that we cant review yet due to no subtitles)

      • I advise anyone and everyone never to watch SWAP.AVI.
        DON’T WATCH IT, i repeat again. It’s not exactly a movie, but a video of an hour. You can’t erase it off your mind lifelong of it’s disgusting nature. P*rn at the worst level. Keep off your curiosity, i warn you. Else get ready to vomit and be traumatized forever.

        • Sounds alot like this commenter is using reverse psychology to ask others to watch it. That’s fine, we’ll check it out, though I suggest leaving a link to it. Right now it looks like http://www.somethingawful.com/d/horrors-of-p*rn/horrible-saga-swapavi.php has a shprt blurb on it, we’ll do some research and get back to you all ;)

          • Hello Moderator/Admin of horrornews.net, I appreciate your list of top 25 extreme movies. Actually to tell the truth, i didn’t intend a reverse psychology and didn’t even watch the video, but have read descriptions of it with pictures intensively from multiple sources, so i just warned others. I know it’s human nature to know or do something when someone tells you not to (like adam,eve and forbidden fruit if you remember), but somethings in life are better avoided. That’s all, no intentions whatsoever. Anyway, i like your site. Keep it up. Bye.

  7. Excellent article! Nice to see Snuff 102 included as I think its the most disturbing film ever made, just relentless.

    If anyone wants to read a good book about these types of disturbing and controversial/provocative films check out BEYOND THE DARKNESS: Cult, Horror, And Extreme Cinema by Phil Russell. Essential read!

    Find it at Amazon US http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007862V06

    or Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007862V06

  8. thanx for the HUGE list…

  9. the f*ck? no one’s heard of DEADGIRL? Hands down one of the most sick, twisted but beautiful films I’ve ever seen. I won’t give away spoilers but essentially two teenage boys (the amazing Noah Segan who i could go on about, and Shiloh Fernandez) skip school one day and hang out in an abandoned asylum. In the asylum’s basement they find a seemingly shut off room with a dead girl chained to a table, but she’s clearly lucid, just not alive. They decide to “keep her” and the film deals with the morals and the pains of a really hauntingly beautiful coming of age story. I recommend it to everyone even though I know it’ll rub most people the wrong way.

  10. okay so out of the 25 i have seen them all…but its the MORE EXTREME CINEMA list that has me dripping like a japanese schoolgirl, i have seen and own most of them but i have to put my hand up sometimes and ask…what is C.O.H. Brutal Beating? i have googled it and found nothing checked gore-score, splatter a-z and underground gore but nothing, not one mention…..so plz can someone give me some info or link me to a site.

    • not sure, or not sure from what movie you are referring from?

      • its on your ‘more extreme cinema list’ 13th title from the top down…its called C.O.H. BRUTAL BEATING…and i’m asking for some info about it, as this is the only site that comes up when i google the title.

        • Ok, ya some of these have been listed on the most extreme from different compilations, though we havent tracked down “all” of them yet for reviewing. As we review, they will have a live link to them. Many we do have, but havent had the time to review. As soon as we locate it – it should be live and in the search engines. Also if a title becomes to obscure (meaning no source anywhere, it will be removed from this list) – usually some of these are very microbudget, very independent, so they are not on the market very long

          • okay, do you remember
            the original compilation
            that had it or even the
            site…so i could ask them
            …i know its a long shot
            but its the only film on
            the list that i have never

  11. post-modern sleaze

    why isnt taxidermia mentioned in these lists?!? and maybe dumplings, that and happiness where by far the most disturbing due 2 the fact that that happiness is way too realistic and uncomfortable although brilliant maybe a little too close too home for some, and taxidermia is more of a creepy dramatised strange news stories realistic the sicko you read about in the paper, august mordem are great realistic low budget imitation snuff but become boring after about 10 mins and you become immune to the endless gore, they need to go to more graphic and taboo and highly inappropriate depths to make you react, the most notorious scene from those movies goes barely noticed in contrast to the film as disturbing as it would be alone. so taxidermia is broken into three short stories, the first i believe to be by far most f*d up, and first generation a farmhand who cannot stop fiddling with himself, sandpaper, and the masters pigs, the second tale and generation is rather cute about a eating contest, the third and final generation is a little strange and grotesque to say the least about a taxidermist prize winning giant cat owner! cant be beaten and cant be unseen!

    • Yes Dumplings is part of the “3 Extremes” releases which is under our CAT III category (mostly all extreme Asian films are) Happiness I’ve seen, while it is or has some disturbing elements, it felt more cult film than extreme cinema film. It’s a perspective of what fits together, thats all. There are hundreds on our 4th page that all could be in the list for 1 reason or another.

      • post-modern sleaze

        highly recommend taxidermia, bizarre tales of triangle woman was rather odd and extreme the voice box one gives me nightmares and this one “the cat with hands” short film, is just creepy and you wont look at your cat the same again purely terrifying for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4PR9NZlAB4 i dont think it would fall maybe under extreme its not gory as such…

  12. great article! It is very difficult 2 make a all inclusive list of just about anything, I will say that subconscious cruelty,philosophy of a knife, and melancholie der Engel are conspicuously not on this list. Any reason for these omissions?

    • they are on page 4, though the top 10 were picked before watching all the films and they tend to be more accessible/ regarded from that standpoint.

      • Ok. I do see subconscious cruelty and philosophy of a knife, still didn’t see melancholy der Engel, either way, I can’t wait to hear you guys opinion about these. I personally felt like I was going to hell after enduring those movies. Keep up the good work I will be checking periodically for reviews on those.

  13. Great list but there gave been worse… Please everyone check out Contracted, it has to be one of the sickest most disturbing movies of all time and believe me, this is one of those films that hold up to not only the trailer but the critique of the films trailer when it say, “How Jaws made you afraid of the water… Contracted will make you afraid of one night stands”

  14. Man Bites Dog (1992)

    “C’est arrivé près de chez vous” (original title)

    Contact the Filmmakers on IMDbPro »


    Man Bites Dog (1992)

    “C’est arrivé près de chez vous” (original title)

    A film crew follows a ruthless thief and heartless killer as he goes about his daily routine. But complications set in when the film crew lose their objectivity and begin lending a hand

  15. Very nice list but I would’ve put Philosophy of a Knife at the top. Also, Make them Die Slowly Aka Cannibal Ferrox was good. You should’ve put Faces of Death series while it is more of a shockumentar. I also like High Tension, Fronteir(s) as other movies. I saw all of these ones and own majority of them. I like red Room and red Room 2 although a little over the top violence.


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