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Tokyo Gore has become a stand-in moniker to describe this particular style of film making and visual presentation. Asian films, can be at times, some of the most bizarre and extreme when it comes to the horror genre. Within this genre are a smaller niche of films that all seem to share a common approach to them. This approach often combines gore, excess, organically mutated body parts, martial arts, body weaponry and common themes that place them in a classification all their own. Most also share a dark humor or lack of seriousness that helps to separate them from the more extreme cinema and CAT III style horror films. Tokyo Gore style movies still rank among the most creative and absurd of their kind. We invite you to check out the many titles produced in this vein.

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Film Review: Samurai Princess (2009)

This is my first review here at and I am extremely excited to join this team filled with amazing people who share the same obsessive, stalker-type love that I do with all things horror and the macabre. For my first review, I chose a movie in one of my favorite genre of horror flicks, cheesy Japanese horror-action!


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Film Review: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)


SYNOPSIS: (aka: Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken )

“[Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl] is set in a high school located at the base of Tokyo Tower. But this is not your typical straitlaced Japanese institute of learning: It’s a special school set aside for the underbelly of Japan’s teens, social misfits and all-around freaks. So why is the too-cute-for-words Monami in their ranks? Because she’s a bloodsucker – but even … Continue reading

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