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Film Review: Hard Revenge, Milly (2008)



In post a apocalyptic Japan, Yokohama City has become an epicenter of violence ruled by a vicious gang. The worst of the new breed of criminals, The Jack Brothers . When The Jack Brothers viciously murder Milly’s husband and daughter leaving her to die, she vows revenge. She learns the art of sword combat from a master swordsman named Jubei, and eventually sets off to confront The Jack Brothers and fulfill her destiny.


An introduction may be all it takes to win over our gore hound hearts and martial arts sensibilities. “Hard Revenge Milly” is the first of 2 films created showcasing Milly’s take “no excuses” knack for violence and vengeance. Hard Revenge Milly was part of a Hyper Violence DVD release I received that featured 2 films, “Hard Revenge Milly” and “Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle“. While I was tempted to sum up both in one review, I felt that each deserved its own spot for the merit it brings to the table. The film which was obviously shot cheaply rises above with fantastic framing, camera cuts and (most of all) special effects. The effects work is helmed by legend Yoshihiro Nishimura who brings an over the top display of gore and violence to an otherwise simple production. Sounds fun? You betcha!


Coming in at only 40 minutes, the film is stuck somewhere between feeling like a feature film and a short. This aspect makes more sense when taking its 2 parts back to back as a double feature.

Already winning festival runs, Hard Revenge Milly” takes things to extreme while still sticking with one simple premise, revenge. It’s somewhere in the future set inside an apocalyptic Japan that has the city of Yokohama city now overrun by gangsters, left in shambles. Industrial settings and warehouses serve as the perfect battleground for comebacks and combat. In this case, it’s one pissed off Milly who was left for dead after a violent gang by the name of the Jack Brothers slaughtered her entire family. Through flashbacks, we get the background story of Milly who was brutally stabbed to death while watching her new born baby sent up in flames. By normal standards, it’s not something that any one could survive, though Milly is quite resilient.


Now equipped with a lethal skill-set of sword play and martial tactics, Milly returns to serve up payback the only way she knows how. When she approaches a retired master swordsman named Jubei, he aids her with reconditioning her arm blade sword so that it is unmatched in battle. Milly’s body features a right leg that has been equipped with a shotgun and a mystery chest that seems to be able to organically slice a person into pieces. Typical crazy Tokyo style weaponry.

Milly approaches one of the gang’s drug runners and uses his corpse as a warning sign for Jack and company. This sets the stage for confrontation that works brilliantly as Milly showcases moves, skill, and craftsmanship using every portion of her body to slice her foes into several pieces. This short film never gets too into details but rather sets the tone for a face off and finale. It’s done well enough to make you want to dive into the next segment film and see more of Milly’s bad ass leather-covered ass kicking.



Hard Revenge Milly” stars actress Miki Mizuno as Milly with Takanori Tsujimoto taking the director duties. The gang consists of Jack, Tetsu, Yuma, and Kujishiro who arrive to do battle against Milly (thought to be left for dead). It’s a great showcase of cheesy violence that has bodies being sliced, diced, and cooked by one pissed off femme fatale.



Recommended? Hell ya, if your a fan of this Tokyo style madness, then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with Milly’s savvy swordplay and head spouting blood shedding. The franchise never went on to more than the 2 films, which was marketed as a “Hyper Violence Collection” and produced under Well Go USA. In the tradition of Asian exploitation, it takes a note from similar style films such as “Machine Girl” and yet survives on its own accord as a killer revenge film. My recollection quickly moved to films like “Thriller, they call her one eye” but with an Asian coating. Simply enough, it’s a good time for lovers of female violence revenge films.

Hard Revenge, Milly (2008)

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