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Top 30 Horror Films of the Last Decade

(Not in any particular order)

Hey there horror fans, it’s that time of the year when we all reflect on what and where the previous years have brought us.. You’ll read alot of lists this time of year, though that doesn’t mean that they are the final say but rather an individual’s perspective. We wanted to give you a chance to hear us out of what we thought were the best films to come out of the last decade in the horror genre. We also didn’t forget about the great contributions that the Asian and French markets have graced us with. Some choices may surprise you but we wouldn’t list them if we didn’t feel strongly about them… anyway’s, …unlease the Kraken

THE RING: (2002)

There is no denying the impact this groundbreaking film brought into the Western world on its arrival. The Ring almost single handedly re-introduced the US to the power that Asian horror can deliver. Soon after many such films, remakes and Asian favorites followed suite. The term ghostly “wet girls” began to find its audience from a culture of horror that many of us had long been fans of prior to this release.

SAW: (2004)

Being one of the biggest breakout films from Indie to Major, this film has not only changed the game, it has invented a new one. Spawning more sequels, spoofs, and rip offs than any other film in the past ten years (and even longer), this film definitely deserves the top spot on our list.


This mix of comedy and horror revolutionized the horror comedy sub genre and set a bar that no other has yet reached. This is a fan favorite that deserves a place on this list.

REC: (2007)

We were quickly processed out a US version called Quarantine that copied the film “almost” frame for frame. However the verdict is still solid that the original Spanish version has that special something that just makes it work and freak the audiences out at the same time.

30 DAYS OF NIGHT: (2007)

Vampire films are all the rage. This version makes alot of sense though. Vampires who flourish in the long dark months of Alaska. Very to the point and viciously brilliant!

THE GRUDGE: (2004)

This is the only film to scare the crap out of me due to a ghost character. That chick is creepy as hell! This film captivated audiences and started a strong interest in Asian horror. One of the sub-genres greatly overlooked.

MARTYRS: (2008)

Original, scary, psychologically threatening, this film was an break from the same old films that you come to see and brought a fresh breath of life to the genre. I hail this film as the best of 2009.

THE CELL: (2000)

A perfect mixture of surreal, great acting, horror, serial killers, nightmares and even renaissance. Perhaps some of the more beautifully horrific imagery to arrive on screen in along time. The Cell is a one of kind that is a result of great director vision.

28 DAYS LATER: (2002)

I may be mistaken but I really believe this film captured the idea of fast zombies. For purists, it was more like “fast infected” …however it seemed to be the formula to inspire countless other such approaches which used camera techniques like fast shutter speeds to give the footage an off kilter realism.


Perhaps the greatest remake film to date. There is no denying Romero’s version was special to horror, however Zack Snyder delivered a top notch zombie film that easily stands on its own as a major and intense version that is still scary as hell.

THE DECENT: (2005)

All female cast. No nudity. No drugs and sex. Its a horror film. A formula that many never believed could be pulled off and become a hit has happened here. This film was a breakout hit and a victory for women due to the fact that it proved females had a place in horror where it didn’t involved taking off their clothes and being the helpless victim.


While some scoffed and called it another Evil Dead movie, Some of us celebrated Sam Raimi’s return to the kind of horror we’ve been praying for. Just another reason why Raimi is a master of his craft and knows how to entertain.


If this wasn’t the coolest zombie-comedy-horror film to come out of 2009, I don’t know what is. A great ride and fun to watch. Zombie Bill Murray is the coolest and Woody Harrelson is just damn impressive to behold.


LyCans and Vampires unite! This film brought the battle between these two forces causing an wide spread frenzy of who would win between the night crawlers and werewolves. Spin offs came with the territory and the story line of that alone dominated box offices between all of the films.


Unknown director, unknown cast, limited budget, an unlikely hit until it found its way to the public eye and terrified general audiences across the globe. This film helped bring horror back into the main stream by its innovative methods of great ideas mixed with public demand. It succeeded in having over 1,000,000 people demand it in theaters making it one of the most popular film of 2009.

HOSTEL: (2005)

Fans were waiting for Eli Roth’s next move and that move came with the horrific torture p*rn / teen traveling nightmare “Hostel”. It gave new meaning to not straying to far in foreign countries without checking things out a bit.


Still to this day, the film has a sort of love it or leave attraction. But from a horror fans perspective, this movie really nailed the idea of a “monster” movie and at the same time brought us a new villain to appeal to that inner child who is afraid of things that emerge from dark places. Jeepers Creepers is a perfect example of evolving a monster character over the course of film that takes on several transitions.

ZODIAC: (2007)

Who hasn’t heard about The Zodiac Killer? This was not only the best film made on the subject, this film was an amazing example of great film making and dedication to the art. Not only does the cast carry this film to the depths, you actually learn something in the process.


One of the best Asian horror film to come out in many years, this film explores the horrors of following pop culture and the obsession that can come from that. Beautiful effects and haunting ideals, this film sticks to the ribs of your brain.


The film really got a bad rap for not meeting its financial quota, however the film was still a blast to attend. Death Proof fell short on the horror scale, but Planet Terror was a freak show of zombie madness and retro style smack downs.


While this might seem to some as an odd choice for the best of list, its impact has been monumental to me. Fans of Asian horror will occasionally come across the gory and absurd. A style that is usually repeated by alot of the same talents. However “Tokyo Gore Police” stands as the height of this movement whos premise is so wacky and over the top that it is hard pressed to be matched in originality.


It really wouldnt be right not to include at least 1 of Rob zombies films in this list. I was real tempted to list “House of 1000 Corpses”, though I think “Devil’s Rejects” was more globally accepted by the genre. In any case, those who cant seem to move beyond the 70’s should feel right at home with Rob’s remarkablely retro feeling bloodbath and violent showscase. A damn fine movie period.

THE MIST: (2007)

The Mist was simply just great Stephen King. King continues to amaze us with his harrowing tales that sometimes get made the way they were intended. The Mist is one such film that entertained, and provided a really engaging.



It’s style and approach may be derivative, however this film did make an impact and thrill audiences all the same. The idea that a scary crablike creature could pull in box office numbers might seem absurd. The film worked in a way that “godzilla” should have worked.


Game horror films have never been so fun to watch. Resident Evil brings to the table a really well shot action film with plenty of zombie incarnations to make zombie lovers proud. Milla Jovovich became the girl that every man wished for…tough, fast and hot as hell! The sequels were equally as fun and deserve mention.


The French sure know there horror! In fact some of the better nail digging releases have made there way from these filmmakers. High Tension (Haute tension) takes a traditional maniac chase scenario and score high points for it.

INSIDE (2007):

(À l’intérieur) – I’m still surprised at the number of viewers who haven’t checked this one out. If you liked Martyrs, this runs a similar course. Brutal, bloody, and violent. Inside” provides a relentless house attack that’s filled with surprises……. now …just go watch it.


Taking a cue from the Manson murders situation, Strangers reinforces the idea that folks can kill without real purpose. This idea has been mirrored in several other films that proves that humans can sometimes be the biggest monster of all.

THEM: (ILS) (2006)

I haven’t seen this one mentioned on very many lists. I’m thinking that maybe the list makers missed this great thriller, psycho kids film. Another French horror masterwork provided by the fine folks at Dark Sky Films. This was an instant thumbs up all around with a great intro that is a prime example of how to shoot horror the right way.

SESSION 9: (2001)

Directed by Brad Anderson, this runaway hit was by far the eeriest of the bunch. Psychological horror took a new turn that proved that by using creepy old mental hospitals and a great script you can get under peoples skin.

SPECIAL MENTION: (ones that can’t be ignored)


An extremely original premise with even more original characters to boot. Those of us who didn’t play video games were plunged into a bizarre world of creepy monsters, surreal transformations and organically incorrect disfigured beasts. Perhaps the hottest and creepiest nurses of all time!

TWILIGHT: (2008)

Hardcore horror fans will damn you for even liking this one, but lets face it… even for a vampire love story it helped the horror genre with box office numbers that soared, a race to expedite “more” vampire films and a reason for Hollywood to sink more $ into the genre. Those who liked the film, ended up loving it. It’s impact cant be denied.


It’s wrongfully marketed cover might fool alot folks, but Untraceable was a damn fine piece of work and horror film. Spawned from the same mold that Se7en oozed from, it provided that much needed torture approach that SAW lovers have come to dig.

Top 30 Horror Films of the Last Decade

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  1. you choose twilight, but not Harry Potter? twilight is a lovestory about a pedofile sparkly vegitarian vampyre and a boring schoolgirl HP is not horror either but lets face it voldemort is crazy looking and born to be a killer.


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