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Film Review: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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When London gets overtaken by flesh eating zombies, a slacker, his moronic best friend, his unfulfilled girlfriend, and her whimsy roommates try to find a way to escape the carnage while also trying not to kill each other in the meantime.

Simon Pegg – Shaun
Kate Ashfield – Lizzy
Nick Frost – Ed
Lucy Davis – Dianne
Dylan Moran – David


There is no I in team but there is an I in pie and team is an anagram of meat”

Shaun seems to have a pretty good life for an slacker. Nice flat, hot girlfriend, mediocre job, a best friend with an impeccable imitation of a monkey. But when his commitment issues threaten his relationship, the world is not the only thing that seems to be ending. Ed, Shaun’s best friend, is an obnoxious none-the-lesser who has no ambitions in life other than video gamming and pot smoking. He tags along with Shaun much to the dismay of Shaun’s girlfriend Liz who is unhappy with his lack of ambition. Liz’s friends consist of Dianne, a failed actress who has yet to realize it and David, her boyfriend, who is an annoying twit and much in love with Liz.

Thrown into the comedic plot is Shaun’s mom and her husband, who Shaun can’t stand, and the plan to survive. This movie is original, fresh, and keeps you on your toes. With witty one liners and a endearing cast, Shaun Of The Dead is a perfect mix of humor and horror. But don’t get me wrong. Although the movie is funny as hell, it also has the horror side which is not to be ignored!

“By removing the head or destroying the brain”

Although signs are everywhere, Shaun stays clueless to the fact that zombies have taken over London. “We’re not using the Zed word!”
Finding a group of zombies in the backyard finally brings the epidemic to his attention. As almost being eaten himself, he and Ed try to find a plan suitable enough for comfort and survival.

The effects in this movie are are believable enough but the camera work is what shines through to make it realistic. Director Edgar Wright does a phenomenal job in this film. The way he shoots the scenes even when he wants time to pass quickly is not only original but engaging. Moments in which the angles are pivotal come off seamless as you never miss a beat.

The storyline is a wonderful testament to what a group of friends came come up with when they put their heads together. This movie is is in my top ten of original films. Everything came out as it should in the technical department and in the plot.

Fun Facts:
If you rhyme the names of the characters before watching the movie, you can figure out who survives and who doesn’t.
Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost are longtime friends who came up with the concept of the film.

Keep an close eye on the extras in the beginning of the film. Their zombie personas tie in with what they are doing in non zombie form.
Pay attention to what’s being said on the tv. It all becomes one long monologue.

Cold Play makes a special appearance.

Would I recommend this film?? Hell yes I would.
And if you are like me, bring the kids!

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