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Top 10 Horror Films That Should have Gotten a Sequel…but Didn’t

There are a ton of horror movies sequels out there. As a matter of fact, if a horror film is even remotely successful and garners some sort of following  it is pretty much a given that it will get a sequel eventually. Of course some of them, such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street have more than one sequel and have become some of the most popular and beloved series in the history of horror films.

Even though sequels are popular in the world of horror films there are still some movies that just never got another installment that really deserved to have one (or several depending on how far the people behind it could go with them).  I think that there are some films out there that definitely didn’t really need to have sequels (cough, cough, Paranormal Activity, Sinister, and Insidious just to name a few) and that there are many  out there that are way more deserving but they just never happened for whatever reason.

Join me now as I take a look at ten horror films that should have gotten a sequel (or sequels)… but didn’t.

Keep in mind that there are several spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen some of these movies be aware that I give away some major plot points. Ready? Here we go then…

10 – Deadly Friend (1986)

It’s no big secret that I love this movie (it is actually my second favorite film of all time right after Sleepaway Camp) and I think that it is just totally and completely awesome for a number of reasons. For years I thought that I was the only person in the entire world that dug it but in recent years it seems to have gathered the following that it really deserves. Director Wes Craven hated it due to studio interference that totally changed the vision that he had for it but it always spoke to me for some unknown reason. It’s legit creepy (mainly due to the fact that I am terrified of robots), depressing, and just an entertaining movie in general.

A lot of people have argued that the last scene (which was thrown in at the last minute by then studio president Mark Canton for a cheap jump scare) is just a dream and I have to agree as it just doesn’t really fit in with the tone of the rest of the movie and seems more than a little forced.  My idea for a sequel would be to ignore the original ending and having Sam wake up in the morgue a few days after the events of the original film. She escapes and forgets all about Paul after another lonely teenage boy (or girl) finds her wandering around aimlessly, totally confused as to what to do next and takes her home with him/her.  Things would start out sweet and nice in the beginning between the two until Sam ultimately starts killing people again that threaten their relationship. What do you think? I would personally be all for it and would love to see Sam back on the big screen once again and I have a feeling that I’m not alone.

09 – My Bloody Valentine (1981)

This film is a classic and while I didn’t really mind the remake I think that the original is much better. I’ve always thought that the ending left the door wide open for a sequel since it is pretty obvious that Axel (the killer from the film) is still alive-though missing an arm-after everything was said and done. Yes, it could be argued that he was buried alive in the mine and died soon after but I like to think that he found a way to dig himself out and escaped to kill again another day (which is basically what happens in the remake).  Of course he would show up on the following Valentine’s Day after the survivors from the first film thought that he was long gone and they were safe only for the bloodshed to begin once again. I always thought that Axel had the potential to be a horror movie villain with staying power (you have to admit that the costume he wears is effective and he’s a pretty hardcore guy in terms of how he takes out his victims) but for some reason a sequel never materialized (it was supposedly discussed back in 2001 but didn’t happen) unfortunately. I think it’s time to bring Axel back and let him go on another bloody rampage.  I mean come on; if Rick Allen from Def Leppard can continue his career with just one arm then Axel can as well!

08 – Madman (1981)

Madman has a pretty big following and to be honest I am very surprised that it never had a sequel (or a number of them). The title character Madman Marz is a larger than life antagonist along the same lines as Jason Voorhees if you ask me and it is obvious that he was an inspiration for Victor Crowley in the Hatchet films so it is a little puzzling that he never made another appearance after the original film. I remember hearing rumblings several years ago that a sequel was actually in the works but apparently it has been scrapped as I haven’t heard any updates on it in a while (though a pretty cool documentary about the original movie does exist).  I know a lot of people that are really into Madman and that are itching to see another chapter of his story so hopefully someone (cough* cough* Adam Green) will make their wishes a reality sometime in the near future. Paul Ehlers-who played the character originally-seems more than willing to step into the role again, so let’s make this happen!

07 – The House on Sorority Row (1983)

This movie is an underrated classic slasher flick in my opinion. I saw it when I was ten-years-old on cable and thought that it kicked all sorts of ass. It is one of my favorite slasher flicks of all time and think that a sequel would be awesome if handled properly. I know that they made a crappy, half-assed remake of it a couple of years ago (that had very little to do with the original film) and I wish that they had just made a direct sequel to the original instead. It ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger as Eric-the film’s killer-opens his eyes moments after we are led to believe that the final girl has taken him out. We don’t know what happens next or how things play out for her after the credits start to roll but I would love to find out.

I can see the sequel taking place moments after the first filmed ended ala Halloween 2 as it would all take place on the same night with Eric successfully dispatching the final girl and then moving on to terrorize another sorority in the area. Some people may not agree with this thought since he is just pulling a Jason Voorhees and killing off the people that killed his mother in the first film but let’s face it, he’s obviously out of his mind and I would think that after taking out these people that he’s gotten a taste for murder and doesn’t have a problem offing anyone else that crosses his path. I think that he’s an interesting character that has a cool costume and genuinely creepy back story, so I would be all for seeing him knocking off some more sorority girls in a variety and gruesome and original ways.

06 – Brainscan (1994)

I was lucky enough to see Brainscan in a theater back in 1994 and loved it. I think it is one of the best, most underrated horror films from the 90’s and would be all for a sequel. I think it should focus on someone else other than Edward Furlong’s character playing the game and having to deal with the Trickster’s insanity but I wouldn’t be opposed to him making a cameo (I’m sure he’d be up for it as he doesn’t really have a whole lot going on these days). I know back in 2003 or so another installment was in the works but it seems to have fallen through, so hopefully someone will step up to the plate and make another one eventually. Much like Deadly Friend the original wasn’t well-received upon its initial release but over the years it has garnered a pretty impressive following of fans and I know that they would love to see the Trickster get the chance to torment some other poor soul on the big screen. Though I doubt it would ever happen if a sequel ever does take place I would love to see Frank Langella return to reprise his role of Detective Hayden in it as I thought that he rocked in the original. It’s been long enough; I think it’s time to make this sequel happen. I know that I would sure be a happy camper if it did.

05 – Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

What can I say about this movie? I absolutely love it and think that it is one of the best horror movies to come along in a very long time. If you ask me it is what Scream should have been as it is a lot less condescending and just overall a better movie. It’s imaginative and original and truly a breath of fresh air. For years I’ve heard rumors or either a prequel or a sequel but to date neither one has happened which is a real shame as I am dying to see Leslie Vernon’s story continue. I have no idea what direction the people behind it would take but I am sure that they would knock it out of the park and the sequel would be every bit as fun and awesome as the original. Let’s just hope that if it does happen that Nathan Baesel returns to play Leslie because he knocked it out of the park and I can’t see anyone else bringing the character to life as well as he did. With any luck the people responsible for the original will bring us the sequel soon as I have a feeling that I will be one of the first people in line to see it if and when it finally hits theaters.

04 – Black Christmas (1974)

Every year around Christmas the Martin household watches Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night.  While my wife and I are torn on which movie is better (I actually prefer Silent Night, Deadly Night just a tad bit more) I love Black Christmas and think that it really deserves a sequel. Much like The House on Sorority Row this film ends on a cliffhanger with the mysterious killer Billy alive and well and seconds away from killing the final girl Jess (played brilliantly by the always awesome Olivia Hussey). While I dig the way it ends on such an ambiguous manner part of me wants to know what happened next and I would dig seeing a sequel that addresses it. In my mind Billy kills Jess and then goes on to happily slaughter the next group of unfortunate sorority girls that move into the house. I think that the movie is a brilliant classic and a sequel would be nothing short of awesome.

The only stipulation that I would have would be that we don’t find out anything about Billy as the less we know about him the more effective and creepy he is. The crappy 2006 remake made the mistake of delving way too much into his background and I just hope that if a sequel to the original ever materializes that the people behind it don’t do the same thing as it ruins the character in a lot of ways. Let’s keep Billy in the shadows and never see his face or know anything about him because that is why he works in the original and that is how he should be in the sequel if you ask me.

03 – The Blob (1988)

I loved the 1988 remake of The Blob and have been waiting nearly 30 years for a sequel to happen (though it looks as though it just isn’t meant to be, sadly). I remember seeing Ghostbusters 2 in a theater in the summer of 1989 and when the film starts we see this blob-like substance ooze up from the sidewalk. I thought that this was actually a trailer for The Blob 2 in my fifteen-year-old mind and almost peed my pants with excitement right there in the theater only to be immediately disappointed when I realized that it was just the beginning of the movie that I had come to see.

I think that the original movie is loads of fun and is full of some awesome gory and brutal deaths, so I would love to see the Blob return to wreck even more havoc on the world sometime soon. As the original film ends we see that part of the Blob has survived being frozen and is in the hands of the disfigured and mentally unstable Reverend Meeker who is just waiting to unleash it on the world to cleanse humanity of all its sins. It’s been almost 30 years there Meeker, so what are you waiting for? Now seems like the perfect time to set it loose if you ask me.

02 – Trick or Treat (1986)

Man oh man how I love this movie. Yes, it is more than a little cheesy at times but it totally rocks in my opinion (pun intended). I think that the film’s antagonist Sammi Curr is nothing short of awesome and think that he could have been the next big thing in terms of horror movie villains. It is rumored that the studio thought that he could have been the next Freddy Krueger and they envisioned Trick or Treat becoming the next big horror franchise and a series of films featuring Sammi were in the works. Sadly though the original film underperformed at the box office and this plan was quickly scrapped. It’s unfortunate in my opinion as I do think that they could have done a lot with Sammi as he is without a doubt an interesting character that stands out among the crowd. I watched the original film on VHS 1987 when I was really into heavy metal music and thought that it ruled, primarily because Sammi did in fact kick so much butt in it. I know that a sequel most likely will never actually happen but I can dream, can’t I (though even if it does it probably won’t be nearly as good since Tony Fields-the actor that played Sammi sadly passed away in 1995 and I can’t see anyone else in the role)? I really wish that the studio had taken a chance and gone ahead with the sequels as I have a feeling that eventually they would have caught on and Sammi would have had one hell of a fan base.

01 – Dr. Giggles (1992)

I love Dr. Giggles and thought that the title character was nothing short of awesome. I think there could have been several sequels to the original but it just didn’t happen. I think the main problem was that the film came a little late to the party as it didn’t show up until 1992, way after the big slasher flick boom of the 80’s was on its last leg. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t come along sooner as I have a feeling that the doctor himself could have been up there with the likes of Jason, Freddy, and Michael to an extent.  Larry Drake does an excellent job in the title role and you can tell he had an absolute blast playing the part. Much like Sammi Curr from Trick or Treat I think that Dr. Giggles had the potential to be something very special but the studio just gave up on him after one movie. I know a lot of people that love the original film and have heard countless horror fans over the years talk about how much they would have loved to have seen several sequels. Alas it just wasn’t to be which is a shame as I think that this franchise could have been huge.

There you have it, my list of ten horror movies that should have gotten a sequel but didn’t. Feel free to agree or disagree and let me know that you think. I love seeing your feedback!

Honorable Mentions:

The Prowler

The Burning


The Car

Intruder (I always envisioned Bill surviving the end of the first film and getting a job at another grocery store in another town where something causes him to go on another killing spree)

IT (I know, I know, a lot of you would probably argue otherwise but come on, can you really keep Pennywise down for good?)

The Entity

Slaughter High

Demons (Let me explain myself here. I know that there is a Demons 2 but I would love to see several more movies that continued the story. I know that The Church is also known as Demons 3 but it has nothing to do with the first two movies. Hell, I love the first two and they could continue on with sequels related to them until the end of time as far as I’m concerned).

Psychos in Love

Demon Knight (Bordello of Blood doesn’t count as it is only lightly connected)

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    The 1988 remake of The Blob was everything I wanted from a Blob movie. That’s one of the three or four horror remakes in history that entirely justifies it’s existence. I know there will soon be a reboot but I’m sure they’ll just CGI the Blob and follow a generic, Hollywood script… I doubt it will have any charm at all.


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