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Film Review: Evil Spawn (1987)

SYNOPSIS: Microbes are brought back to earth via a space probe from Venus. A scientist is using them in experiments on ageing, but dies before the work is finished. His assistant approaches an ageing actress who is being passed by for the lead roles, and she injects the serum hoping to become young again. When the actress is still passed …

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Film Review: Bloody Wednesday (1987)

SYNOPSIS: A meek man finds his life crumbling around him with terrifying results for everyone involved. REVIEW: Movies in general are an important thing. They provide one of the major sources of entertainment in the modern world. They allow people to forget about all of their worries for an hour or two. Movies can also be a good source of …

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Film Review: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

SYNOPSIS: Ricky is a mentally unstable young man who decides to follow in his psychotic brother’s footsteps and go on a killing spree dressed as Santa Claus. REVIEW: It’s Christmas, and one of the Martin family’s long-standing holiday traditions is to watch Silent Night, Deadly Night (and the original Black Christmas) the Saturday night before X-mas. This year we were …

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Film Review: R.O.T.O.R (1987)

SYNOPSIS: Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research. A prototype robot intended for crime combat escapes from the development lab and goes on a killing rampage REVIEW: is a science fiction movie that seems to rely on the ideas of movies that came before it. It is one part Robocop and one part Terminator and only entertaining to those people who are …

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Film Review: The Barbarians (1987)

SYNOPSIS: Two twin barbarians seek revenge from the warlord who massacred their tribe and captured them when they were small children. REVIEW: In Barbarians we have another film starring Peter and David Paul, the bodybuilding identical twins that were making movies for a brief period of time before fading into obscurity. In this particular flick, the duo portrays brothers (I …

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